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But i got it now. It's a great show go off. I'm curious It just went off basically like this just staring at the tv and then you said actually pretty good. I felt like i. I think it was like last year. The devil there he was. He always that aggressive though. He's been more aggressive politically in the last couple of years. When charles barkley said i'm not a role model for governor like fifteen years ago okay okay anyway. Sharpest knife so So so simmons was talking about how i don't even really care. I don't wanna get too in the weeds. Well pre game shows but these pain is at halftime of these games. Two and a half minutes if like five people and they just kind of one talks talks talks talks talks now. We find out. That's because like rachel nichols was never live on this thing. Oh really during the show them retailer hoshi. She would never interact with her. So they'll hate each other so barkley in like you know they just bullshit for like ten minutes. And it's good. I remember i was on forty. I'd uc berkeley. A couple of weeks ago was not allowed to make fun of san town anymore. Which is a hilarious. If he's washed the compilations of that he's he's being hilarious. Like genuinely funny. I was watching highlights like a year or so ago randomly flipping around in in there was a wacky play like a blooper thing or something earn. Johnson we call the say. I love lucy lucille ball charles. Barkley like why because it's ugly. My favorite part of the and. It's funny that's even it's like not funny and he says it. My favorite part of those clips are sometimes. Barkley will make a kind of a vague reference about san antonio. Yeah ernie johnson blew past and bring it back and go. Why do you say that chuck right. Did they do a good job. I mean again. I watch a lot but anyway long way of saying it's insane i if rachel nichols if i was rachel nichols obi holding a press conference right now. Saying i'm fucking suing. Espn for three. Zillion dollars for violation of privacy. But three zillion dollars. And i love maria taylor. She's the greatest ever. But fuck you add. That's would be my the thing. I wanted to say about this apology to before the rest of it is what it feel to. You say. I genuinely offended you. And if i started the apology out well kirk. I was always raised to live by the golden rule. I didn't would you feel like that. Was a genuine apology. Said this in my life. These people are not human beings so radio intel. I was listening to radio yesterday. A serious it was like classic vinyl or something. This woman rachel. Steel hosted sure. She's a lovely woman. She's like a. I think neil shown. The guitarist for journey is auctioned off much of his guitars. And you can tell all the series people do from their house or whatever so you could tell. She has twenty six seconds. She has to do before she goes into lights by journey. Whatever i just like you know what. I like about auctions are no. It's exciting like is the prices get higher and higher. It means more and more and then eventually somebody wins. It was basically like about sunglasses. Meister at the sun. I put them on. It's actually not as powerful reflection in my eyes. Yeah well that's why these basketball broadcasts so important to me. Because i always think two teams are really going at it and scoring points over as the most i mean. What's they'll say nothing so it doesn't it doesn't it doesn't even really matter but yeah by just like there's nothing. I wish it was just the station and you know sense you know what i knew. I the poster that anybody that business but like were they were if there was a station where they just talked about nothing and even play the songs like and then just did it again. I would listen to that all day. Dj how's it quick. I become the program director. I will host one of those shows. I love it. I love because you could tell you could see her. Rachel silman woman counting down in her head because she was like. Yeah and then. There's somebody who points in. She's describing auction like what person listening to. This is never heard of this concept like action. Heroes speak so fast in the the higher you bid the more likely to get the get the item. It is fascinating when you think about. It wasn't even that they played. What journey separate ways. Which i fucking hayden separate ways by journey. I'm sure i do. But i don't know by the someday love. We break those chains that bind. You know one night will remind.

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