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You can't but it doesn't stop you from striving on from that belief the common thing about the eighty five and eighty seven team is whitey herzog when i say the name of the legendary hall of fame manager what do you think a true baseball man who not only knew the game but newest players and the players that he put on the field he put him on to build a team and you know back then tom it was all artificial turf so speed was a key ingredient and he used that speed defense to his advantage and made sure that we all knew what our roles were and he used in those roles and you know it's fun to play for why to he'd walk around i can remember like in spring training you know as a pitcher you're out there shaggy and need walk by need you know go here go here and he come over to you and tell you hey you're going to be you know number three guy in the rotation i got you start in this game here this game here and boom boom and as the season progressed he kept doing the same things and tell you hey i'm gonna have you missed this start so you can pitch against these guys 'cause you pitch good against them and you know sometimes that's relief because some some teams no matter how you pitch guessing you just can't beat them i mean that's just nature of the beast but he made sure that he always kept you upbeat and ready to go and to me that's the aspect of managing so when you came to the ballpark you're ready to play all the time more profiles coming up on komo axe.

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