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Now, I'm starting to wonder if you know with such a little buzz around these guys my and with Tyler Murray being in this draft might we just have three quarterbacks taken in round one or potentially a fourth maybe going at the end of the round to a team that trades up or dare I say at the chargers are New England Patriots teams that may maybe in position to drop their quarterback of the future. Not knowing exactly what that future's going to begin. Because Tom Brady Philip rivers Potter, still planning on extremely high level, Alex last week listening to your work in in terms of listening to the interview with a bunch of the players was there anyone anybody that kind of stuck out. You know, a guy that kind of really impressed you whether it's his interview skills or just a guy that for the first time menial. Wow. I gotta draft this kit. Oh, man. You know? That's that's a danger. Right. Fall in love with the interview, you know, and you know, listen, I mean kid can talk themselves out of something. You know what I mean? But I mean, but these young men are trained. I'll be honest. They look at you. Listen, Dexter Williams. You like to know that he's in a good place in his life right now. The kid from Notre Dame served a four-game suspension last year on a marijuana related thing. And then he comes back and he's gangbusters Notre Dame twelve touchdowns. You know, he's his mom has a terminal disease and she's living with him and you'll pull for people like the you know, what I mean? So that that young man, you feel for, you know, Eric McCoy center from Texas A and M while, you know, you're talking about a combination of having a great centers body, if you know what I mean, very compact and squat former shoplift guy back in high school, and and you know, he and and his abilities in a he said that his vision grew during his time, Texas, A and M as calling out protections and things this is a plug and play guy. If your team needs a center, he's someone that that is really going to impress you as well. You know, so, but you know, sometimes it's interesting though, like how? You know, folks handle a crowd like Ryan Mallett. You could just sorta tell that this young man might have a real hard time in the NFL getting defensive during an NFL scouting. Combine interview in front of people. You know, Cam Newton isn't the best with the media though. And he went ahead and ended up having a has had a great NFL career. So I don't like to read into too much, but you find some young men around the way that you really begin to pull for and I gotta tell you one of my interviewed on the phone Corey Valentine of Washburn. Oh my God. I mean, you talk about a guy who played it at a small division to school largest crowd. He's ever played in front of his fifteen thousand people as mom had to convince him to stay in college. Because he wanted to quit. He was living a bunk bed that was part of his his dorm life, you know, play division to football. But you know, what the the guy was able to overcome all that. He's the best small school corner and football. I don't think he gets passed a to. I don't think it gets passed round to to be quite honest with you this man has huge upside. And you talk to them for about two minutes, and you figure out not only does it together on the field. He's got it together. Off as well. He's alex. Marv is siriusxm NFL radio. Joining us here on the rich Eisen show. Kirk Morrison filling in for rich. And I think Alex the next question is obviously Alabama has a ton of guys that we think can go in the first round we look at this Clemson team of this past season and a bunch of guys possibly going into first route one is Dexter Lawrence had a quad injury. I believe warm enough for the forty wh what's going to happen to Dexter Lawrence. How what are they saying about that injury? Is that going to hurt him or help him right before he goes for that pro?.

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