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Good afternoon on connie joe with the latest from newsradio one or two point nine karn tying up some loose ends at a story reported earlier this week a man that police have been looking for since wednesday afternoon after a standoff occurred without his arrested north little rock well k a r k says that man has now been located and arrested twenty one year old kenneth johnson was arrested at the motel six in north little rock by officers with the us marshall service his arrest record listed on the website of the polaski caddy reachable a detention facility includes his booking time to ten in the afternoon and charges that he now faces fleeing possession of a controlled substance and parole hold meanwhile officials have cleared a little rock officer who was involved in a police shooting last fall and it left twenty eight year old james hartsfield dead fox teens jonathan roselle has more police say hartsfield died after being shot by off duty officer brittany gun near the local union bar saturday morning investigators say gun was working as a security guard at the bar which she tried stopping hartsfield after seeing him drinking a bottle of liquor behind the wheel police say twenty eight year old hartsville bob with officers gun got into the car with him as he drove off toward a brick wall authorities say this lead officer to shoot him several times hartsfield then crashed into the wall in died at the scene my brother was a loving funny very intelligent older sister lauren hartsfield says it's hard to believe what police say happened it couldn't be the truth is some there's definitely some things that they're hiding spoke to her brother wednesday and now that he's volunteers like a piece of me is gone off sabrina gun and nncholas smith are on administrative leave we'll just as visions of red ripe tomatoes begin to dance at our heads the north little rock farmers market has announced they're good have to sit this season out the dog town farmers market in the argenta neighborhood says they enjoy the farmers market but they're closed this year they will regroup and tried to reopen again in twenty nine hundred.

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Connie Joe, Newsradio, Kenneth Johnson discussed on Money Pit

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