President Trump, Iran, ABC discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


From ABC news. I'm Richard Cantu. Iran, the issue is secretary of state Mike Pompeo's huddling with European allies, Iran's foreign minister Javad. Zarif described sanctions against Iran as an economic wars, reef says that if the US escalates there will be dangerous consequences. I asked him what that means. He said, I wanna keep President Trump guessing, although Iran will only act in self defense, so he wasn't sabre-rattling in a military sort of way. But he does say this is an economic war. And we don't see any difference between a military war, and an economic core. ABC's Martha Raddatz President Trump is headed for Great Britain, a three day state, visit the president will receive a lavish welcome at Buckingham Palace during the Queen for a private lunch and attend a formal state banquet in his honor the focus of the president's visit here is on the ceremonies. But his visit comes at a moment of political crisis over uncertainty about the. United Kingdom's planned exit from the EU and a contest to pick the next prime minister ABC's Jordan, Phelps in London. Mr. Trump says he might meet with Boris Johnson, who the president suggested, he'd support to replace Theresa May as prime minister investigators in Virginia Beach Virginia have yet to determine motive in Friday's mass shooting. We've learned the shooter had resigned from his job Friday morning via Email. Police say no major problems or disciplinary issues at work. They have yet to find anything glaring that might have set him off, still about forty FBI. Investigators remain working that sprawling building looking for clues ABC's with Johnson in Virginia Beach at a Sunday night. Vigil participants lighted twelve candles one for each of the victims jury selection, Monday in Peoria, Illinois, for Brent christianson charged in the two thousand seventeen disappearance and suspected murder of Chinese scholar, union Jiang's body was never found. You're listening to ABC news ever.

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