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Where your business means everything is better at Burke and Herbert Bank at your service since 18 52 rich 100 wghp traffic as we get over the midweek hump, Let's check your forecast with Matt Ritter. Still, some haze tonight. Otherwise increasing cloud cover increasing humidity, so not as cool as comfortable is the past several nights. Mostly in the upper fifties to mid sixties and mostly cloudy for tomorrow, mild and sticky with a few stray showers, especially south of D C. Hi. I will be in the mid upper seventies cloudy on Friday a few showers especially south of D, C. Hi. I will be in the low to mid seventies. And over the weekend Saturday mostly sunny and breezy. Unseasonably cool highs will only be in the mid Upper sixties and sunny on Sunday. Upper sixties low seventies I'm Store Team four. Meteorologist Ma'am Better 64 degrees outside the W T. O P studios. Brought to you by Mattress warehouse by with confidence with a one year price guarantee on Lee at Mattress warehouse sleep happens dot com. 11 41. The first death has been reported from now. Tropical Storm Sally Mayor Tony Kennon of Orange Beach, Alabama, says that one person has died. Another person is missing as a result of the Category two Hurricane Florida's governor is warning that people in the states hard hit Panhandle should stay vigilant even though Sally has already started heading inland as a weakening tropical storm governor Rhonda Santa says Sally is dumping heavy rain says it tracks over the Southeast, He says the drenching rains Expected to cause massive flooding of several Florida Panhandle rivers in the coming days. Rivers are already rising in at least eight waterways in South Alabama and the Florida Panhandle are expected to hit major flood stage by tomorrow. Forecasters say some of the crests could break records. CBS News is Manuel Borquez is in mobile this storm. It's not just the wind. It is also the storm surge. That is a huge concern expected to be up to 7 FT in parts. Of coastal Alabama. The effects of the storm started last night in places like Orange Beach also engulf shores, where there are roads that are submerged and people reportedly flooded in areas around Pensacola, Florida got more than 2 Ft of rain and more flooding is expected in Georgia and the Carolinas late tonight and into tomorrow. 11 42 on the outside, it looked like a typical comfort inn. But on the inside, there was a massive drug and sex trafficking ring.

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