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Okay so we had the denver broncos to kick off the afc west and you know what i round just like their head. Coach would love to see and john elway. He's probably doing them favorite here. Big fangio bringing in that. Cornerback help to really try to help. Stop these potent offenses and quarterbacks that are in this division the select passer tan the second the alabama cornerback at pick nine and they did pass on the opportunity to select justin field. Who ended going to the chicago bears. Detroit at the new york giants at pick eleven then. Why would pat ser tan. I mean their quarterback situation is teddy bridgewater and drew. Lock not exactly inspiring. Hope for me right now but getting pats. Her tan is going to be a high floor type of selection but if justin fields ended up being a lot of people feel like he could be. This could be a really really bad swing. And miss even know pats tank could still be a solid player in this league. But it's a quarterback driven league. Everybody knows that second round. They go with devante. Williams north carolina running back third round. Quinn minors wisconsin. White water offers of gore and barren browning ohio state outside linebacker fifth round came stearns texas safety and johnson. Indiana safety six rounds at williams auburn wide receiver in seventh round. The at three picks carry in junior. Lsu cornerback jonathan cooper ohio state defense event and marquees spencer mississippi state defense man. To be honest. I really liked this draft. I understand that. They passed on justin fields. And that was their prerogative but they end up getting a really solid defensive cornerback. Who can lock that. Were help tempt to lockdown number one wide receivers and pats or tan. He is a number one. Type of cornerback. Released jesse to be not sure we will be that. You're one didn't seem like a lot of your one cornerbacks fared all that well. I think it's a really really tough transition. you could look at. Cj handwritten jacksonville drafted out of florida. Jeffrey okuda who was drafted to the lions out of ohio state. Aj terrell he had his ups and downs from clemson and went to atlanta so passer ten may not be a great year. But i think the sky is. I think the upside is solid with him. And the floor is really really high tramonte williams. I love this election. I know i'm not a big draft running backs high type of guy. But i loved monty williams. I love the fact that he is an angry runner who runs through people souls and their faces and watch the miami game from twenty twenty man. He is an absolute stunning. He's going to fit the personality of a vic. Fangio what vic fangio wants to do pat shurmur gonna love to run those inside zone. Plays williams does have solid vision. He can pass protect really well. And he's a solid pass catcher. No they had. Michael carter to do that at unc. He can do that within the framework of pat shurmur system and he can also just run through people's him. Melvin gordon are just going to be an aggressive downhill type of running team. They're going to love the inside zone of pat shurmur as long as shurmur gets a little bit more created that he was with the new york giants on calling those plays love. Quinn minors pick in the third round of wisconsin whitewater. Somebody held up really well down at the senior bowl is. I'm talking about him. A lot on this podcast and on all the podcasts that i do because i thought he was a solid prospect for d. Three guy but not just for d. Three guy when you go down to the senior. Do as well as you perform as well as you did against power five players when you did not play football for an entire year because he played at a smaller level at different positions positions. You did not try before and you showed strength that you did it. Just it just showed a lot about the kid not to mention his gravitating personality that people always seem to go towards because he is just very very inviting very very personable and had a lot of leadership qualities. So i think that's an excellent pick there. By the denver broncos barron browning five star recruit go went to ohio state did not live up to his high potential. I would say but he's somebody who's versatile who can come off the edge who can drop into coverage who is good athlete but he doesn't have to rely on right now which is excellent because you have von miller coming back and you have bradley chubb. You have this really really talented defense now. In the middle of your defense bear browning played middle linebacker. He played on the edge. A little bit. I think he's going to be a hybrid of that and probably not being a full time role just yet. But he can if he can develop the inside game a little bit more better his keys and stacking shed. He could earn that job. Will rally entered johnson. Love joji jewel. There josie jewels of really really good processing type of player. Fan browning is a much better. Athlete than someone like josie jewel but getting him at the end of the third round. I think is a solid move for the number broncos cain stearns athletic safety who has solid sizes aggressive coming downhill. -nother solid pick there in the fifth round. And then seth williams in like a big body guys going to struggle with separation quickness buddy similar framed courtland sutton was coming back from his injuries. And you need to kinda had a little bit of insurance because you want that big x type of receiver. Jerry jeudy who can play that role. But he's more busy more but moved type of guy with guys like caja hamler lining up in the slot. Tempera trick another guy who filled in really really nicely courtland. Scotland's had williams isn't going to be able to steal. Snap from tim patrick. But maybe he can develop into a solid red zone..

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