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Yeah I don't want to give political. I'd rather talk about something else but. that being said would you know. the last few minutes so what you're talking about. my disdain. for the Democrats even here we go I already look. I said right at the beginning it's not. I don't want to talk about it I wanted to ask I'm gonna put you on hold and say do you want to talk about this issue that's fine but I don't want you to talk about your disdain for trump where to stand for the Democrats because that's boring it's been done for two years three years. both ring. now if you'd like to address this particular situation. and the fact is you know them if you have questions about what's in the summary not the transcript. the MPs ability the whole thing or what is illegal about it that's fine but this is not about a. general disdain for one side of the I have there is if if you use it I will shut this down. and the beat of a heart if if that continues to go ahead in my story yep all right now I only want to talk about that I wanted to ask you if you had some grappa. no I have had drop of though. yes it's really strong yeah I think it's like Greek. no well grant actually is distilled from the vines of the great who is very very well. zero eight at all cultures have the we have it we have a hearing loss is having the then the native Americans have grappled we have moonshine. okay that's not grab. well the Brazilians have Kinshasa that's not rapid either it will grab is. it's the like did you read it is of the distillation you know. so yeah I've had it since really crazy strong yeah yeah well I just figured you might have some grappling Ewing to Sicily drop out sand. what do you call are you a fan of grab you like crap. I've never had I grab. thank you Mary my son is a true son of Italy. my yeah his mother is from Rome and her family is from Schiller kusi. I don't even know where that is only going to get you some grab it seriously it's a it's it's so Sicilian it's a little island off the Cicely. and my wife's father. he was in the in Barrie in the boat yeah and he was in a in the navy and I guess they went to Sicily and he saw. her grandmother or whatever it was. and father Jim Barry sorry is grand shot her grandmother in Sicily in SO in short scene said I'm gonna marry that girl because she was the most beautiful girl as on the island and he did and then. well that's cool man we if you have been on that we gonna get you over to get some grub. I would like to go home. I would like to go to Rome only because it's you know. it's where a lot of us are from. Rome is definitely this Jerusalem. I think you lose one in Rome. and Cairo the just a new band all those toys yeah while. I just I still get a kick out of one of the first times I started listening to when you told me about that right German shepherd that dog that like scary jogging we share hello I was Romania Romania yeah yeah yeah I was haunted house haunted by as a devil dog Reagan's spirit dug it was weird. are you sherry what would terminate was it it was day. in late in the day all right yeah. there was we haven't Harry potter was in a cemetery in the day and there's nobody there but me and that dog and it was there was a fire one of the trees in the cemetery was on fire it was like a a layer of zero literally by yourself I mean you don't bring a scout you don't have security any time select no not on these trips no matter how by myself and I was worried about dogs because they're a lot of rabid dogs there so I was scared of him but he was a big black German shepherd he was just me around and I would I would I would move around he would follow unfollow unfollow and finally I ran away and he did not fall. yeah I just remember that story but I know I didn't want to talk about politics I'm sorry about that because I. I don't care. good I don't really want to talk about it either I'm just going to just ask you will you dogs options though don't Molly in them how they're doing they are so good and I miss him so much when I was gone Molly is much tougher Malik as well is tiny and has short hair and she gets cold really quickly and option right I think she might be part docks and impart one of those little two hour maybe a little to our inner I don't know. yeah my dad my brother has dogs L. I. folks to date may weigh about fourteen to eighteen pounds Max. Molly must weigh like I don't know five pounds some some crazy like that. so I'm asking in this case daisies three days is the older girl and she's a sweetheart and then Jack is the Bruiser I think he might be ten now. which which one of the three most protective of you. probably Jack yeah Jax no he's a boy he's my boy yeah all right let my brother's got his boys names monk. actually Mariano passed Mariano Rivera he's Yankee St was from Boston. they're going to get the weather to the folks with Paul I'm really glad you called in yeah I just wanted to ask you about the Gropper grab I need to get some crap I can get in the north end. me you'll probably didn't know well yeah yeah you yeah I'd love that you listen and you remember that maybe I will divide can the oak barrel it's a smart thing I had some today after work take care brother this pollen Needham good man thanks Paul. six one seven two five four ten thirty some news and some weather and I'll just finish up explaining about this Ukraine thing and I'll tell you a start talking about EBS news update the office of the director of national intelligence gave lawmakers access to a whistle blower complaint that includes president trump's conversation with the Ukrainian president hours after the White House released a memo summarizing the call between the two leaders Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer says the summary and there was a blower complaint show Mr trump abused power this document demonstrates.

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