Taylor, Cavaliers, CNN discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed - 10/17/17 - Magic Johnson on LeBron vs. Kyrie, Lonzo Ball & Lakers


Welcome to the undisputed podcast has taylor's on today's show the nba regular season is upon us imagine johnson's onset of the biggest story line plus shannon opposite the blockbuster trade scenario for the cavaliers and if they hit that broke in rogers carbon at dirty play cnn joined now by one of the greatest basketball players of all time and the president of basketball operations for the lakers magic johnson welcomed undisputed joe have been waiting to be on show skip we've been waiting though i've said this before and i'm going to say it again in all my years of covering sports the man i have gained the most respect for as a player as an executive as a businessman as a leader in just as a man is this man ervin magic johnson and we appreciate you appreciate you and you know i couldn't way okay let me come all right before the back pay for coming on magic you'd be only guy that made made it look forward everybody of light automated which you smiling the whole way through winning championship where leuver dro you had that smile you just you were perfect for la thank you thank you you know a rare is almost like lonzo ball is perfect four la and the lakers in what we're trying to build and so is is this great and please you know this has been so much fun and i know nicole murphy to another his i've been watching the show what i'll be the money now you good now privately in there now area i've got he's got that were very heavy near lakers opened the season on thursday against the clippers how much of a shot you give your lakers and making playoffs this year well i think everything has to go right.

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