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Katherine Kathy Garett died. I'm like okay. She's she's going to be stuck on that ship before they discussed the senseless deaths thing and I. I was thinking like yeah. She's going to be. They're going to have to escape quickly. So she's GonNa be stuck on that ship even though they can be things instantaneously but whatever that that's just what's going to happen and yeah her death will be able to mean something but like show show have play a part but still be gone out of this time line right right and I I like what he says they can kill her rights so Tasha goes to see gap Ricard's request a transfer to the enterprise. See she tells picard. Guinan told her and that she doesn't belong here. There's no logic in the race request. Because she's going to die anyway but at least if Tasha is tactical they're going to have a chance to defend themselves well. She had a meaningless death in the other time line but now she has a chance to have a meaningful death and that's all picard. Needs to hear permission. Granted I do love this idea. And if there's a message that I can pull out of it and I don't know that the writers were intending this particular message. But it's one than that. I like I like doing do something well finish. Well perform. Well do do things well right. And she was like if we're going to go out in a blaze of Glory. Then it's going to be the brightest blaze you've ever seen in your life i. This is a doomed mission. Then damn it. We're going to do it. Great and this is GonNa be amazing and we're gonNA give it all. We got to go through like I love that idea. I love that that piece of listen. We're going to go. We'RE GOING TO DIE. That's fine But this is GonNa be amazing the way we're going to do it and it hearkens back the things that that. I like the movie three hundred. I don't know if you've ever seen that like it's doomed thing. But the way they went out was all you know what I mean like like I. It's IT I can't think of other examples off the top of my head but I know I've seen it. Where so Armageddon Armegeddon you know like like the sack where the sacrifice is just awesome and and so you have something like that so now anyway over on the Sea. Castio seems to be getting the ship in order when he looks over. There's Tasha Yar reporting for duty Sir. She'll take tactical. Seo doesn't want her there for obvious reasons but she isn't backing down so casteel backs down in tells her to take her station as he assumes the captain's chair and it's basically what I expected at that point. So hey listen all. The pieces are set for the final. Act of the of the show Let's get to it. Acts Five and in the words of Kim Grey poupon. That's act five done. Yup that's really all that five was face battle. Yeah Yeah it was just our action sequences we well. I shouldn't say we don't get a lot of ice. I haven't seen much of though you're right. We don't get a lot of these there but not not really to this not this extent however I will say when they planned for this episode. This was the episode that they premiered during what they called sweeps week. I don't know if you're familiar with that term. That's the way they figure out the ratings and stuff you put your best episode out during sweeps week this so that's the one you pump your money into an all your special effects and everything but anyway for for sake when we actually do it properly hugh the cool orchestral war music. The KLINGONS are closing in on their position. The Enterprise d could outrun the KLINGONS but their mission is to protect the and make sure that they get back through the rift. Let's make sure history. Never forgets the name enterprise and I'll stop right there at that line right there. Please do yes. I had to stop and think like wait. Is that the deadline. He used in the intro. Our show Mats Bats. Yes that is the line that we originally had in the INTRO. Music of our show. Okay I turn. If you four you have heard it before and I had to because it's such a great line. Yeah let's make sure history. Never forget the name enterprise except this is how it happens in the show because you gotta pull the clip right orchestral music swelling. Very loud in the background sounds of war happening all around and this is how he goes. Let's make sure history. Never the name enterprise okay. So that was. It was a very hard to put into like Abbott clip from everybody yes. He channeled his inner Kirk. And but but did there's there's the music behind it and I'm trying to like on a production level for us like I'm trying to put that in a bed over the under music that we have playing thoughts. I I totally understand. I just like I heard this before somewhere. I think Oh okay right. Because that's such a great line. Let's make Shaw history. Never forgets the name into this and I mean nobody can deliver that line. Like Patrick Stewart can't like that is that is just a so good? Reiger is back at tactical and they engage the klingons pretty cool nineteen ninety space battle ensues which consumes ninety percent of this act. The Enterprise D is having an effect. But it's also getting its tail whipped. We're just two minutes away from warp core breach but turns out the only needs fifty two seconds to enter the rift so more explosions happen. Reicher dies card hops the banister and takes tactical for himself and spry little fellow. Just the the hop. Oh Hey idea. Just as fire erupts on the bridge. They managed to hold off the KLINGONS. Just as we see the enterprise C reenter. The rift flashback to the bridge of the D. Oh Hey this is the bridge of the D. That we know this is the bridge of the knee that we love. It's bright it's warm. It's cheery and there's a Klingon back tactical turns out it was just a little blip on the scriptures. Oh well it's time to move on guidance. Calls Up to the bridge to make sure everything's okay. It's all fine guidance. Good she smiles as she sits down to have a drink with Georgie Zeh. Jordi told me about Tasha Yar the end but this is even more questions so so it works both ways for I I either don't know enough for just don't remember enough. Button has Guinan actually met Tasha. No no the diaper. They didn't have an overlap. They did not. Guinan came on at the beginning of season. Two Tauscher was killed off in episode seventeen or something like that one. I think when we first saw guidance we possibly the idea like windows guide and actually come on the ship like maybe she's been around with just not gone to that part of the ship yet. Exactly no and actually I think they said very clearly in this episode. Like I'm not supposed to know you or I don't even know I'm not supposed to know who she is. That's kind of why I think they are. They've brought very well especially for people who have been following the show the entire time right. Wh- when she just says you know she says Hello Tasha the in the first time And like Tasha doesn't necessarily think it's weird but Guinan kind of gives us that inflection and say. Oh that's weird I'm not. I am not supposed to know this but I do and And so from from that moment in which was really Kinda reiterated here at the end when when she's asking Jordi up to tell her about Tasha. I didn't I was trying to figure out what she should know what she shouldn't. And how weird this actually is so then like when she brings up she's dead or should be dead. It's like okay. I guess either way. She would know that she could have heard stories about the former officer who died shortly before she came onto the ship or whatever but then I was wondering actually started. Wonder More Y. Guinan didn't bring that up to the captain. Says I thought for sure in my mind like Tasha eventually did kinda mentioned it to the captain and he had an odd reaction which I'll get to in a minute but I thought Guinan was going to bring that up sooner. It's like hey there's this theoretically dead girl on the ship like I thought that was gonna be her more proof to Picard. It's like I need something more I ne- because like right. After I beat something more conversation they come come down and it's like oh there's Tasha like she gives her that look like that's your proof. Go to go again and then when Tasha brings it up and specifically card like she thinks I'm supposed to be dead and he s is reaction. It's like oh she thought it was okay to tell you that or she thought she should tell you that by he knew already right. And who's there always had problems with that line like? I'm not sure what what Picard means. When he says she thought it was okay to tell you that. Wait a minute what what exactly. What are you inferring by that? You know I'm I'm confused here so now I'm with you on that but you know again. I think you're having all the right questions that somebody who's watched this episode for the first time as opposed to have okay like all the okay. What is what is she doing. Get what did we learn here? What is she? I gotta go back and watch this episode again so I can catch. What's actually going now that I know what's happening. I can up on the first half of this episode going back a second time. He's going to be a whole different watch right so all right all right two more production notes Matt and then that's all the things that I have So you know Reicher died. Notice like he had like it wasn't just a plasma and like he had something like embedded going on they they definitely made sure he was dead. Right we knew he was dead so originally he wasn't the only one that was supposed to die. Data and Wesley were also supposed to die Data was supposed to be electrocuted. As say how do you how do you kill an Android selectric Udom? Okay and Wesley was supposed to be decapitated. Oh Yeah can't show that on. Tv. Well for budget and time constraints and all the sort of things and censorship but in the script it actually. That's that's what happened to those two and then I think this is the very first time I've ever actually pulled this out. But there is a goof. The end of this episode. Oh boy there's a continuity error things all right at the very end. When Guinan is talking to Jordan? Which by the way I understand why it couldn't have been more what I really want it to be wharf. I want to book in the episode with her talking to war. Yep I fully expected to be worth right although I do like the idea of seeing Whoopi Goldberg talking to Lavar Burton. Who Lavar Burton was instrumental in bringing Whoopi Goldberg onto the show? It's it's the little like he got last week whenever I talk about locks on a troy talking to the computer. It's her talking to herself share. It's just that that little thing for me anyway Did you notice anything funny about what Georgie was wearing It was short and I I. I had other questions on my mind so I probably didn't notice too much. It was the uniform from the alternate time. Line play so just just a just an error on their party near and it was just like five or ten seconds seen in so I don't think he even necessarily set anything no I Don. I think yeah I think so. It's like Hey Georgia. We need onset for a second or just. Just sit here. She's going to say her line. Wh wrapped hey somebody commit Georgia. You're not doing anything anything. Yeah you know. Rikers got you know. Frac- says the the makeup thing going on? Yeah that's it man. That's that's everything I've got on this show so I feel silly and asking this but I do it every episode. I'll do again. You liked this episode. You're GonNa Watch it again and you understand why this was definitely a.

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