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And those interesting, especially in the time that we're living in right now, which the differences between white privilege in black lives mattering, you know, is this huge thing, and you explore that, like the ease Like like she doesn't even think about it. No, not at all. And that's what they say. And she feels You know, I think there's something in the book for Elizabeth says no one ever thinks they have enough money. And I think that must be true. Because even you know, millionaires, we see them just constantly acquiring more and more and more and more. And so, you know, Elizabeth. She comes from a lot of money. And even though she doesn't take her father's money, of course, her father You know about her, her first department. So that's that's a leg up that so many people will never have her father paid for her college, and that's the leg after so many people will never have that. She's really blind to all of her privilege. She doesn't really acknowledge that these things have helped her. That was fascinating to me. And I like the dynamic we're not. We're going to run out of time. Your book is excellent. What a treat for us to read another book. You have to tell us the last great book you read. Oh, The last book I read was brighter than lovers. That King. I'm obsessed with that. Have you ready at? Well? We read Lilly King's for first book. You know that wild? It had a wild title. I can't remember it. Euphoria. Euphoria. Yes, she's on her show. Yeah, we read that book. So this is a new book by her is new. It's wonderful. It's really different. From euphoria and it is. Oh my gosh, I just tour through it, and I have to say like my kids now are One and just turned three. So when the boat keeps me up all night, you're saying something, and I stayed up all night reading that one because I just it's unpronounceable. Okay, I J. Courtney, I'm going to ask you did anything like did the movie is a movie happening with mein that that work I want, I could had pictured it in my mind. No, I wish I wish you know their rights have never sold domain. I wish they would, because maybe it would be more visually appealing that wass it could be. What about it? Do it be like a 10 Part series, you know, like a big little lies. I would love that. Okay? We gotta who do you know that nose? Reese Witherspoon. Let's play the who, you know, game I'm your amount. They're actually I know her because that Theo engagement which was such a. That's right. Well, does she know about Maine? Did she also? Did you just go? Hey, Reese. I think I read it, but I don't think he felt the spirit. Alright, Thankfully, somebody will be made. I forgot. The Reese is what's happening with the engagement's then is it just everything that hold Rygel Yeah, You know, it feels like everything is on hold weird, but it's just not happening at. Yeah, but she optioned. It wasn't going to be for us like a like a A partner tempered. Siri's like that. He was going to be for a feature film. But I feel like we barely even see those anymore. Yeah, but we will, and that would be a good one, too, that I can see that we loved each other engagements. It's really great to hear from you hear from your and congratulations on your success. Thank you. Thank you both so much for having me on again. I think this book is just it explores a lot different relationship. Yeah, I just Yeah. Yeah, We just We both just really so good. Thank you. Thank you Have a great day. And now we know why we hadn't had a book for me for a while. You've been busy. Oh, my God. Two Children born during the reading of this book, I'm really tired now. Thank you so much for your time again. The book is friends and strangers. We do have two copies to give away today. 6516 for 11071. We'll be right back. Good job, my talkers. You're bailing..

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