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Contracts, especially in their rooms. Like, you know, all right, so Nelson Aguilar gets a big contract. Who's going to complain on offense? Well, Damien Harris. What did you say? To feel Harry. Yeah, Nikhil, what's Nikhil Harry get a complaint? Oh, yeah, he had his trade request last year. Oh, okay. Sorry, Nikhil. Sorry we hurt your feelings. He wanted to get paid off of your 35 receptions or whatever. Like, you know, and that's sort of the point. I mean, the Patriots, I think Belichick was comfortable doing that last year because he realized, well, there's nobody really tick off in my locker room. It's not like I have like, well, except, you know, JC Jackson, but I think we kind of knew what was going to happen with JC Jackson for a while. The Patriots offer him a contract extension. I'm sure it was at least on par with what Nelson Aguilar got like $12 million a year, probably more, probably more in the $15 million range. So JC Jackson couldn't really complain. And you knew that he was basically getting to his final year betting on himself and said, I'm going to try to go get top of the market. And he got near top of the market. The soft season. So good for him. So the big thing is, is that, you know, it actually helped the Patriots, well, no, I don't want to say that because you want the good young players. And the reason that the Patriots are in this spot with their rosters because they didn't draft well for four years as Robert Kraft said. But the Patriots basically had to import talent to make up for those drafts. They did it. There's no one there to piss off, I'm trying to think if Damien Harris, Damien Harris could get mad if something happens now because he's in a contract here, but up until now, no chance for disharmony, but I do think if you're a guy like Jordan poyer and you look at what the bills are doing, be like, you just hand it von Miller all this money and he's never played here before and here I am..

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