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Yes. Indeed. We are. We're not just here. He's damn thin. Also known as Ralph read Ricky flick, whatever you call. Pretty much anything. But we're here every Thursday night for a we like to call the reality check. And we try to cover off, you know, maybe a little different angle what you've been hearing about all week long. But I gotta be honest with you, Fred nothing nothing has captured the imagination, and perhaps the hearts of the Tri state and the entire baseball world like the big story yesterday, which is carried over to the big story today. Absolutely. And that is the hall of Famer that's one thing that we're not Morty Brennaman announcing that this the twenty nineteen red season will be his last year number forty six think about that. Thirty percent of all the games that the reds have played in their history not on radio, but he's called thirty percent of those. And it's our pleasure to welcome in somebody who knows a little about Marty Brennaman sawn and broadcaster extraordinary one Thom Brennaman, Tom how we doing tonight. How you doing? Hey, boss. It's been awhile since we've run into each other at the UDF, but I gotta tell you. Yup. Yup. Yesterday. Social media, basically crashed with the with the news and the announcement by your dad that he was going to make this his final season, everybody, just shedding a tear collectively. I gotta figure you have a smile ear to ear because you know, your dad gets to now go do all of these other things that he has certainly earned the right to do. It's funny. You say that because I was one of the people I think probably in his life. And I don't know how many there are. But I was trying to talk him out of it. And. Yeah. I think it, you know. A lot of people like you're talking about. They know Marty Brennaman is being Marty Brennaman. I, you know, I'm no different than you. Or anybody else in the world? Sign of somebody in you know. Have a father in law who has done a lot of research on retirees thought about it for years and years out in Arizona, and he's son all these kind of these research in about people who retire, and you know, how long do they live after they retire? All the tortoise scuffed, it I would never thought about and just because my father in law had done it. I kind of rolled that into my dad's thinking when he first kind of brought it up with three years ago. We were in Milwaukee. I'll never forget as long as I live and. I talked to him about it then and then a year later in Pittsburgh. And then this year, we're in Milwaukee again, and I could tell that. He really meant it this time and even as recently as a month ago. Are you? Sure, this is what really what you wanna do. You wanna go maybe to thirty games forty games kind of staying in you know, a little bit. And he just like I'm done. And he was you know, he's never been a guy who's a big traveler and he went overseas and he talked about a little bit yesterday. He went to France and Italy for the first time and when he came back off that trip. He didn't really want to go on the trip. He wasn't interested in France. Or Italy never has been and when he got back. He's like I'm done. Yeah. I was going to say when you when he said to you. I mean it this time. What do you think it was because I he mentioned yesterday about how you know. He he really miss it because he loves going to spring training. Yup. Yup. Do you think could it be like the old the boxing world? You know, I'm done. And then he goes, maybe not are you really think this is it. I I I really don't know what the end of the day what kind of put him over the top. But he just. You know, the game world the whole kind of thing has changed so much in recent years, and I kind of feel like thank God is great health. I was talking with a friend of mine the other day Marchenko who's an attorney in town. And he's represented my dad for years and years and years on his contract after Ruben, Kathy retired. And you know, Mark Yankee, you know, what I think you're looking at this totally the wrong way. You gotta be happy for your dad, and this is forty eight hours ago. And I'm like, you know, what you're probably right and he shared with me a story about his father about how you got sick at fifty eight asks you were three years. We're really weren't very good. He's like your dads in great health. He happy in marriage. She's happy in his life. Let him go. Enjoy it. Kind of rang true to me that you know, what he's exactly right going joy it, and that's a great point. And Thom Brennaman kind enough to join us with a different perspective. I think you've heard everybody with their big outpourings of other thoughts and memories of Marty Brennaman is the is the voice of the ranch for so long. You know, as you talking about that, Tom I think back to my dad's retirement, and he was ready to go. Do what was next, but his thing was golf, and I understand that traveling probably was similar for your dad as was golf never wanted to do it. Did it then got hooked on it? And so okay, lots of things to do. My dad didn't really ever get to travel. So what ended up happening is he retired played a bunch of golf gave my mom crazy. Get him out of the house enough. But I would tell you this about fifteen years into his retirement he got called back into where he used to work to do some consulting. And I think he found that as or more, I think rejuvenating and exciting and he turned his brain clicked back into gear. And I wonder at some point down the line. Does does your dad does he find that thing within the organization or do you think he's just like you said finish completely with the game? I really don't see how that's going to be possible for him. Yeah. You know, it's great points. Great question. I don't know the answer to that. And you know, I I I started having this conversation three years ago as I talked about a second ago when we were in Milwaukee one day, you know, I mean, I sat down with them we rarely ever have breakfast together on the road or go out a Cup of coffee.

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