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Well that doesn't surprise me and all about decay you know talking about the nineteen eighty-three banquet which is held in New York at the Waldorf. Press store as you know several years later Baba's volved in that terrible accident on the first half of the race at Pocono and it really severely injured him. I'm to the point. We had to go through much rehab. Not only physically but also mentally because his memory at all but disappeared appeared and it had to be re taught certain things and one of the things that helped him as he told me Not long after this happened. I think I know what you're effects on. The cover of grand national illustrated the magazine. That was a sister publication to scene and he was on the cover standing out front around the Waldorf decide his race car and he looked at that cover and he said Oh yeah. I remember that I won the championship that year. That was the first thing he remembered about his NASCAR. We're we're looking at that cover village straight. Hey this is Buckshot Jones and you're listening to the same boat. PODCAST RICHT paperbacks backs can be a bitch no okay Steve. I was in such desperate Straits last week in this championship contest of ours that I had you pick my pick right for Phoenix. Last week you picked joining the Gano and he finished not and lead twice for a total of ninety three laps. And Your Guy Cowboy Cow Bush. Your obeyed Taymor finished second foot. I thought you might like he did finish. Second to teammate. Dany Dany Hamlin to teammate denny. Hamlin cowboys for anybody. Come on long story short. He made or not long stories short. You lead by forty four points in the current system and in Winston Cup standings. You're up ninety three points three points in the old system Yes system now. I did see somebody mentioned. The fact that on racing reference they actually keep a running total non-playoffs and everything and if we didn't have the playoff system in place going into the last race with the points that they pay out now on the stage points and all that there would be five drivers going into homestead separated thirty some odd points at pretty interesting ads. That's that one K.. Banished with you and I are GonNa determine our championship by whoever finishes better in the top. Four right right. It's sort of a winner-take-all between is now okay. So you've got four guys so is it going to be Nascar Hall of fame or Raceway Grill. Yeah I know what you if it's the hall of fame me. I'm the winner if it's the hall of fame that's where Rick has to go through the hall of fame. We're a huge stack of dollar commemorative issues of scene and stand by my exhibit. Your exhibit and those types is away as long as they last now. If Rick wins the race way grill is GonNa be great by our presence and at the raceway grill in Darlington. I have to give away commemorative issues of seen the agent. Every person that comes in you have have to get to. There's a difference there buddy too. Okay okay now here's a situation atop for Denny Hamlin Kevin Harvick Martin direct junior cow Bush. Hey three of those guys off from Joe Gibbs racing. He's got seventy five percent of the field. The odds are forward to give voice. Yes so who. Are you going to take well. I'm giving you first. Pick another situation is all for the guys have won at homestead all day makes it tough. Okay all right. So who you GonNa take I'm saying Denny Hamlin it's GonNa win the championship. Okay I'M GONNA go with Martin true ex junior to pretty good pick sound gonna go with Martin Tricks Junior. Okay sounds good. Okay we're GONNA see come on MTV. Jay Come on Danny Amy. I'm from Virginia. Just like you.

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