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Welcome to ponderings from the purge today I have with me Jocelyn Simon. We've had a good time Connecting with each other around the world we talk on link Dental Jocelyn will welcome to ponderings from the verge. Finally thank you. I know it's been a long time coming but I'm super excited to be here. I have to say is my very first podcast appearance. So I'm excited got if I'm new to the podcast but not due to the stage we see you around the world getting some good quality time telling people what's what. Yeah yeah definitely Send Yeah quite quite a bit of time around the industry ten years back. So it's It's fun but it's also fun doing that. The podcast what we're GONNA get to more people but Jocelyn Simon is the senior VP. And she's the head of client services at NAILBITER and they. If you don't know who nailbiter is they really at. The core of things are helping brands. Unlock the shopper. Insights and really helping people capture that powerful moment. It happens so tell us a little bit before we get going just about your role at nailbiter. And what's so interesting going on over there right now? Yeah thanks. So it's it's been a pretty fast. Here is seven months so I joined later in show lie And it's been an awesome time because the offering like you said it's it's pretty exciting. Pretty unique qualitative in that. Were able to understand that moment of truth right at point of purchase. Is You know US observing that behavior in the moment that it's happening but we're doing it at quantitative scale and not so it really is is studying our platform in our approach apart. Because we're able to really and truly scale behavioral research so you know behavioral big Buzzword right now and it has been for for the past decade. I'd say Sack my my career in the behavioral sciences. For many years I was afraid. You Sir Someone Research for eight years so exciting to to bring my career to the next level and taking you know that in the moment. Purchase decision that we're able to observe through our.

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