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When people thought they wouldn't be maybe more ready for the Olympics because you have such a young roster. I think she brought twelve uncapped players this last tournament. I would say Netherlands is another one. You gotta watch out for everyone. Just crushing. They are the young six six team. Yeah. In terms of favorites. So they seem good. But yeah, I mean, I feel like for the first time in a long time. There's not like a two or three team elite. There's like almost six or seven teams on the win. It. And I guess like my question that feeds off of that is is that a good thing for us soccer's have signed that everybody's caught up is the sign that everybody's kind of good or bad or inevitable. The same for the past two cycles has been the one that's caught up. And now it's a sign of we need to figure out how to improve. And the good thing is is where we can improve. You could teach that it's all about getting the coaches. Across the entire nation and like figuring out a coaching style. And what you want to curse me to educate our coach better. It's a technical tactical. That is letting us down. It's so funny to hear you say that I hear I talked to so many former players so many of them American men, women, whatever and one of the first things they point to in this country is coaching. And it's you know, there's so many where they've gone overseas. They've been like, wow, it's such a different level such a different level. And you get prepared in a way that you. I think every player that's quality should go overseas just to see because they have to go through Sony more coaching levels because they're smaller countries. Right. And you'll have I think it's what forty percent, or volunteer coaches the United States at the youth level. Otherwise, you're doing pay to play at Asia, eight in Wisconsin. It's fifteen hundred bucks at the age eight and you're spec. Three times a week. And I'm like, I'm not doing that. And then I get right. And I get like daddy daycare for, mommy. Daycare because I coached and I was horrible at it. No. But that's I mean, that's part of the issue with right fro. It's interesting. I always wonder if like some of it's just inevitable. Hey, the US has such a head start. There's going to avoid the fat. But it's a good thing. Is that the other countries are investing it, I love it? Everyone's catching up, but now, hey, United States US soccer. We can do better because we have to if you want to win. So now we have one final. A country that for me is fixing to explode Spain you look in the crowds that they've gone recently around women's the investment of teams in Lalita Athletico Madrid is a team that will be here for the international Cup. They have a very very I think well funded and properly resourced women's team alone a lot into so. And if you think about the quality over all of the Spanish technical player, and the this isn't a secret to those of us that have watched the end W w sell. We remember when barrel book was here. Like, we remember all those that came over and remember them in the western New York flash had like three or four Spaniards, and they were pretty good cousin. So I think you know, Spain is a team that whether they whether they do it this world hover. Not like you talk about emerging powers and they've got to be right at the top of the list. So let's take a break when we come back. We'll be we'll get with your teammates talk a little bit about five aside game. We'll do some ninety nine memories. And then we'll maybe we'll talk about some of the stuff that's going on around the women's game. Now, equal pay. And maybe some other headline grabbing things I'm really interested. Get everybody's thoughts. On a Libyan mole tree this young lady. Who's now playing with the Portland thorns, very very interested. You just talked about pay to play at eight. I mean this this young kid. He is thirteen. Exactly that she's flip that narrative on its head. So we'll take a quick break on the other side some more than ninety nine legends. Join us. We're back from the international Champions Cup in New.

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