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Show you get started tonight. We want to have this important discussion. We're joined by. Topo Padilla Padilla bail bonds here in town. Also Nina Salarno, who is the president of the crime victims United, who lost her sister, Beautiful sister, Cotino, Rose Solano at only 18 years old. Back in September of 1979. As I recall. Thank you both for joining us tonight. Nina and Tobias greatly appreciate your time here tonight because this is very important as I mentioned prior to the break their you know, lawmakers here caliphate here in California. You know, they've been debating the overhaul of this bail system. They've been doing this for a long time. You guys have been doing this for a long time, Topo. Um, but you know it was voters, rejecting this measure that would have eliminated the cash bail from any of this offensive. Then you have Bob Hertzberg, Van Nuys Democrat. Uh, then then he introduced this bill that would cut the amount of money. That arrest is paid to get out of jail. So this has been bantered around and talked about and talked about. What do you say to people are like, didn't we? Didn't we reject this? Then why are we seeing this? Well, it was called a SP 10 and Senate Bill 10 was a measure that Bob Hertzberg and the current attorney general Rob Bonta, proposed and that would have completely eliminated. He bailed on industry. People use the word cash bail, and it makes my stomach turn that is like saying cash, car insurance. And this is not against you. Because the word to use they've used these buzz words they use these Measures to try and confuse people, But they using that word is like saying cash attorney and it makes me sick. It is a bail bond. And what proposition 25 was a measure that was brought about Yeah. The veil industry because we know what we do in the criminal justice system, and that is to ensure that people would go to court and also to give people their constitutional rights. To bill should they be arrested and a judge does not release them so proposition 25 was put before the voters and by more than two million votes. It prevailed, meaning the voters of California said No. We want to lead the bail bond industry in place and has a constitutional right. And what is Bob Hertzberg? Dude, he comes along and says, Well, the voters were confused. They didn't understand what they were voting. And that kind of talk makes me sick because back to what I mean. It's uh, talked about a little bit ago was proposition 47 that was called the seat schools and safe. Yeah, right. Tell me. Sure. Cutting this instances of people does for public safety have one important thing, and I'm sorry to get on this. I'm banter, but one of the important things about prop 47. People do not think about it happens every day. It stops. The district attorney and the judge is from looking at people's past criminal history. When they look at sitting there when they look at sentencing when you look at anything, there's parts of that. That saying No, you can't look at that. You just need to look at the current Crime that this person is being charged with, and that's unfortunately and, as was said in has been said by many. I don't know what judge did this, but I pray for that judge well because that judge may have been put up against the wall. Saying, This is what I have to do. So it is an unfortunate turn of circumstances. But I pray to the good Lord the people of California people of this country. We'll make a turn and start holding people accountable for the actions. So when we think about, well, this judge is out of his mind for doing that. There is the possibility that he was basically forced and he had no He really had no choice. Okay, We need to think about that. And I think it's fascinating. And just a crime in itself. Um, pathetic. Quite frankly, if you're telling me and I didn't realize this, and I don't know how many people did. Maybe I need to do even deeper research. But I mean, I've seen the effects of prop 47. I've seen people go into a store security guard standing there. You just take everything you want. Leave. What are you going to do? Um, and it's just absurd. But the fact that they're not looking at their past criminal history, there's a key piece of that That's preventing them from doing that. I was not aware of that. Yeah. And then I think you could probably talk more to that about property 7 57, Because crime victims United is one of the few organizations that gets to stand up to these legislators and say no, This is not good, but they don't have the financial backing that all these progressive liberal groups that are trying to tear down the criminal justice system. But Nina, if you could talk about natch done for the judge can and highlight a little bit of wood. Topo just said, which is interesting. If you remember Pat, um and you may have caught it in the news 10 days ago. Crime victims United joined with 48, California district attorney's ensuing Governor Newsom And the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to prevent the release of 79,000 violent criminals into our streets were actually having to soup. To protect our own communities. And what I found. Just disgusting is in the arguments in the first round of court, Um there was a question because initially, the suit was brought by the district attorney's. There was a question that they had standing And the argument said. Well, crime victims United outstanding and the attorney general's representative said in court and to terrify well good luck trying to find a victim or victims group that has the money to outlast the attorney general's office. Obviously, they didn't count on the fortitude of crime victims United because no amount of money would keep us from not protecting. But that is the attitude that permeates our legislature right now and our ministrations. They don't care about victims. They don't care about public safety. They don't care about our families in California. Um so that was just kind of a sign up. But to answer what Uh, Topol would say is it's just really these so called criminal justice. Reforms are nothing more than just get out of jail free cards from very violent individuals. And unfortunately and instant people like this woman and land park like this 17 year old girl. In Orange County and, um, are paying the price and 47 57 went so far that you can't even not consider the violent history with setting bail. You can't even consider the past. When they're releasing amount of prison. The parole board is now hands are tied to only look at their current crying. So they can't go back into the violent history of the person. And they are releasing some whore like this man out of Fresno, just horribly unknown, rehabilitated violent individuals that are just coming out and committing crime after crime. Did you? I'm sorry. Go ahead. Awful. Did you did you say did 79 1000 violent criminals. We're going to be released into the state. We're suing to stop it. 79,000. I think it's 78 Sorry. I might have Well 78,000. Okay, I'm talking to a person here. Who you lost your sister Cotino Rose. Beautiful, young lady 18 years old. This guy is still in prison. I hope this guy that I'm not going to say his name. I know that he was denied years ago. I hope he's I don't know what his his current status is, but I hope he's behind bars. So this has hit you personally. You know when I looked open when I look at Nina at at and it's the streets and some of my podcast I'm doing right now. There's a lot of mentally ill living on the streets right now. It's It's just unbelievable what we're seeing in our cities. Now you're telling us and informing us that you're trying to stop 78,000 violent criminals. When we heard our mayor and our governor say, Look, don't worry. We're not releasing violent people. This is not what would but the truth is, that's what we're doing. So now when we have the situation already on the streets where people don't know what to do we have mentally ill on the streets were seeing fires burning everywhere We see this horrible crime here. We're talking. You talked about the guy who made the guy, you know, you know, Dig his own grave and lay in it and all that. We're letting these people out. People are fed up. And where are these people going to go? Because when you're violent, violent criminal, Good luck..

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