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I haven't i. I should since you've got it. We could play it. Yeah we could. That would be good. I don't have my capture with me again but it has a cell. The reviews came out and it went from anywhere. Five ten to nine out of ten. So it's like such a range on reviews. And i think it's just a mario who swertz game always gets a wild range of use of whether or not people like it. I love mario tennessee. And i know a lot of people don't like it. I just it had everything. I wanted in tunis game. A mario tennis game to be honest. It had a story mode which was great but it had also you just get to play. There's practically no online play anymore because nobody's playing the online anymore which is sad but it was. It's fun. i played every once in awhile. But i think that's with mario garf- super russia's. I wanted to see what what more people said when they played it and got to play with other people online. How how how they thought it was working before. I bought it because it is such a it is a game. That's really a multiplayer game winning for which game to come out actually like wanna play and things i have a switch and but this is not many games like a play on the switch most of the games i like to play only play a leading to begin with was the games like the play are either on xbox or p c like i really play any games at all But i bought a new laptop yesterday. So that i could play some games. The drastic world evolution to i think was a product of eatery as well beliefs in the one where jeff goldblum is like given the trailer or something. Yeah i forgot which he three show. I did not get to see all the shows esau xboxes. I saw nintendo's in us one or two others. I miss squaring exp- but apparently they didn't really have a good one so it's not like i missed anything also it'd be soft. I did see there too. I don't know it'd be south really has to offer a they have this new avatar game apparently coming out like they didn't really show anything but they have mario rabbits which it's yeah the thing about eighty three and i'm noticing a lot is the the groups that are going to eat three because playstation doesn't go to eat three anymore. Nea doesn't get enough more. So of all those who still go to a three none of the place. None of these companies have the fan base. That nintendo has in intendo always goes lasted three. So that means they set themselves up to be the quote unquote winner of three very easily because they threw out a warrior where game they threw out a metro new metro game and they threw avenue mario party game and everybody was like. This is the best three. This is the best of a three because xbox just threw out a bunch of cgi trailers where cg trailers.

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