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Lob to know also though we got you covered. This is around the house. Welcome to around the house. Eric g and caroline be. This is the mid week special. This is where we talk about those things that didn't make it into last week. Show giveaway and it's not gonna make it into this week show. We've got a fun one ahead. We'll talk about that in a few minutes. We'll today. I wanted to talk about your project. Yes you your project. Have you been holding off on one of those projects. Maybe it's building a fence. Maybe it's an addition. Maybe it's a big kitchen remodel or you're building a new house. So have you tap the breaks on that went. Lumber prices are too dang. I if you have you might want to start thinking about spooling that project up again so when the lumber prices start showing up on the shelves which are gonna in a more reasonable rate. You're going to be set to go and ready to go. Because here's what's going to happen. What style this back. A little bit started the year here. We had a lumber prices. Which if we talk about the futures market and i'll just kind of break this down into a really simple discussion because we're not going to get into the weeds on this because that is boring stuff. Lumber prices were in that two to three hundred dollar thousand board feet. That's what was then. All of a sudden end of twenty twenty started. Twenty twenty one. We were up as high as seventeen eighteen hundred. She could see where the difference was while over the last few months. That number has been tanking now. Just because that number tanks doesn't mean the stuff on the shelf at the lumber yard or the home permit store is going to be showing that yet because they bought lumber a few months ago so they ordered it back then it showed up now so these numbers that you see in the lumber in air quotes futures is what the future price is going to be. So that's telling us where it's going. So here's the key on this. I'm seeing here. The next forty five to sixty days to ops. We're going to see numbers way closer to normal. Because i'm seeing stuff. Now that's under seven hundred dollars and on the on the you know we're down today under six fifty and some markets i'm looking at. It's going to be probably closer to six hundred and then later in the next week or two we could be closer to five so soon as we burn through that inventory out there. We're going to see those lumber prices jam back down to where they were six months ago or actually even farther than that so instead of paying seventy dollars for a sheet of osb. Seven sixteenths sp. We might be closer to thirty. Maybe even twenty five. We'll see where this goes but that is getting to be much more reasonable even though it's quite what it normally was. It's not four times or five times so now my advice to you is when we're looking ahead if you're saying i am holding off on this project until we get things dialed in with lumber prices. Because i can't afford to do it. I think you're on the horizon for that. So what would i do. I start planning ahead. If you've got a building permit to bowl. I'd think about porn it. If you need to get a contractor lined up that can start working on putting a quote together for you. Start talking to them. They can always pull the trigger with you when that lumber price gets down but what. I'm worried about because if you the homeowner are going to go you know doing that. Fans as soon as lumber prices are down and all of a sudden you walk into the home center and you. Wow i did notice last week. The last couple of weeks back to normal or close to it. There's going to be hundreds of people in line in front. Oh we're going to have that pig in the python which is going to hurt you as the homeowner because contractors going to be jammed up there like man. Everybody wants to build houses. Today you're gonna end up being late to the game. So i would start talking now to that contractor and get lined up and say you know. Here's the deal. I want to get going on this. I can see. We're headed the right direction but as soon as we can get my project under axe with prices. Pull the trigger. Most contractors are gonna go cool. Let's keep an eye on that. And as soon as they start seeing or they can get lumbar at that price at their lumber yard home center or wherever else. That's where you want to do your shopping and get this project going now. Don't just rely on jumping on the website going to lowe's home depot or whatever. Your local lumber yard is there. Do some shopping around because the people that have not been buying lumber and keeping really tight inventories great example. Sometimes you will walk into a home center or a big lumber yard and you see a semi truck full lumber sitting there many times they just either got a shipment in or they got a heck of a deal on a book by in. That's why it's there now right now and most of these places you're gonna walk in and you're going to see a unit a two or enough to get through the week but they're not carrying any big back stalker inventory because they know they're buying it right now or they would have bought it it fourteen or fifteen hundred bucks a thousand in the prices right now are cruising towards under six. They're going to lose money because there's two things they can do. They can sell below cost or they can try selling it but the problem is is maybe. Their competitor is only had a couple units in stock. And so they're already selling the lower price material so right now we got to watch him. Burn through this stuff so my advice to you is. If you're planning on that project get line now. Don't wait because otherwise you're going to be a lot of things. You're going to be waiting a long time for that contractor to get to your project so do a little planning. You'll be good to cow. I think that's gonna really help everyone out getting those projects done. Maybe it's a new dak. Maybe it's offense maybe it's addition whatever else it is start planning now because we're heading the right direction and i don't see a bumping back up again. I think we're going to be good for a while. You know we. We've got some serious problems out on the west here where i'm located at with wildfires and stuff. I don't think that's still going to be the problems. That has been in the years past. And i think will still keep these prices heading down because there's enough capacity across the country that enough people have been trying to cash in on that. It's gonna be good to go so just think about that. Our guys will. We've got a big show ahead coming up and around the house. we've got some fun ones. We're gonna be talking to our number two our guest this week. Is david applebaum architect of the stars if your honor facebook page. Maybe it's our instagram. Whatever else were on you see him commenting on stuff all the time. He is a dear friend of the show. A personal friend of carolina. And now it's cool with that is we're going to get into a long conversation with him. Now we've really had to cut it up to make it fit the radio show but for the podcast we cut the fluff out of it. It's still going to be probably an hour and fifteen minutes long so it's going to be extra long. The cool thing is if you want to have to catch the podcast shortened version of that on the what was on the radio. I'll send you a secret link on it. Just hit me up over there. If you want to catch the shortened version of it though aired over the radio. And if you don't want to dive into the deep dive with david but we touch everything from him. Working on seth green's house to talk about my house to talk about so many other subjects out there if things that you can build on and what. He's been designing west so there's a lot great information the show coming up on saturday that.

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