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Julie you said something fascinating there that the men didn't know each other So it's kind of hard when you say I mean again you've been all over the January 6th case And without you I mean it without you forget if the fake news would have dominated You have done more to open people's eyes here But regarding this case how can it be a plot started with the men if the men didn't know each other before the source tied them all together Kind of confusing though It really isn't It was fascinating Dan to listen to this trial And I have several pieces dating back to last fall talking about the entrapment case But the fact that in fact at one point the FBI handler commends the main informant who by the way was paid at least $60,000 for putting this group together and helping to execute this slot commend him at one point saying look at you bringing people together In fact by August of 2020 this ban that they stitched together wanted to break up because one guy didn't like this guy didn't trust that guy You have one guy who is from Delaware You've got a guy from Michigan a couple of guys from Michigan And so they urged their FBI informants No you've got to keep this group together We need to keep moving forward Then they introduced another undercover agent who was an explosives expert they said who brought a video to show the man to get them all gender how they could blow up a bridge by Whitmer's house the video had been produced by the FBI There was a single angle of this plot that did not have the FBI's fingerprints all over us and God bless us during western Michigan They saw right through it not a single conviction complete humiliation for this Justice Department and FBI for what they did to these innocent men and quite frankly did to the country and to Trump's presidential campaign in the home stretch of the 2020 election

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