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I think clearly favors Columbus at this particular point. It's hurt Columbus because appearance contract. But I'm not sure sods that contributor Patrick sharp is is gone. I mean, so. So there's a transition going on here that certainly puts a focus on balm. But right now, he's running the franchise bringing the kids in and he wants to bring in another coach. But if that doesn't work. Yeah. Then then stand Beaumont is obviously going to be under consideration losing his job too. So the focus always goes to the general manager, you only get so many hirings and firings. You just let go of a future hall of fame coach if it doesn't work I wouldn't say this year. But by next year, whoever it is they bring in whether this guy's the interim coach they go after an aide. They continue to try to with a younger guy. I don't know what direction they're gonna go into. But I would say at the end of next year. You'll reevaluate and then you start paying attention to. Did they bring the right guys in here? Now Bowman's done a great job. His father's been a contributor to this team. The Blackhawks are far from the embarrassment. They were ten fifteen years ago. But clearly looks like they're on their way to a second straight year of missing the playoffs after winning three Stanley Cups. It's just odd. The timing. You're right. If they had done this in the summer, I don't think anybody would a blink. Dan, I doing it on November six that's definitely raised of you eyebrows. Phillips says what a game by the king last Sunday. He is so good and has been all season before the season. The hockey news ranked Henrik was the twenty fifth best goalie in the league twenty fifth. It's just insane. Why is there? So many Hank haters give him some love, please. Well, I'll tell you this. I like the hockey news. I subscribe to the hockey news. I get it. I love their crossword puzzle by the way, but they just love themselves. The Canadian guys will why is why is Kerry price always considered one of the best goaltenders and league hangs resume is much better than Kerry prices, much better. But price always gets the consideration as a better goaltender Henrik Lundqvist. I think it's ridiculous. Now, I don't know if it's a European bias. I don't know whether it's the fact that the Rangers have not won a Stanley Cup. But look at the goal tender's that have won Stanley Cups. Are you gonna put a lung Quist behind NIU? Emmy. Or crawford. I wouldn't do that or quick even quick Scott, two Stanley Cups. I'm still not sure he's the goaltender. Henrik Lundqvist is so twenty fifth was in a barrister. It was a joke. I mean, he had no blue line in front of him last year. He's facing fifty shots a game. And you're right. Forget about the wins and losses. He has been stellar this year and they win that game on Sunday because they him out outshot fifteen to five in the first period, and he made fifteen saves. So I don't know what it is with the hockey news far as their love of Carey price and their disrespect for Henrik Lundqvist. But definitely it's a problem. Kyle asked a great question, and we're going to get into this to a Don did you hear about the senators? Uber ride thoughts. I mean who doesn't talk bad about their bosses job sometimes laugh out loud. All right. Here's the story. There were a few Ottawa Senators there were in an Uber when they were in Arizona during their rooms recent road trip there were talking bad about their assistant coach and the Uber driver posted it on social media. And it did not go particularly well Marty Raymond is the special teams coach for the Ottawa Senators. They had some very disparaging things to say about him in the Uber ride. Nothing awful. But certainly not it was kind of awkward the guys in the cab that you know, about they were Chris wideman who's a veteran. Matt Shane who's been there for a couple of years. Chris Tierney who came over from San Jose in that trade with Carlson Dylan demo-. Was in the cab as well..

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