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Plot and you hollis is written on it and it's got Large to hold flowers and it's on top so it's it's is. I'm pretty sure it's probably from looking at the pictures. The family pot in there may be other family members buried with him but he did. he was born. Richard hollis was born in nineteen twenty one and he died on february twentieth. Nineteen forty three and does not say it. Looks like he was trying to find information on what branch he served in an didn't say but he was enlisted when he went in so he unfortunately Did not make it home. From the war he died Somewhere overseas the next set of gentlemen. We're gonna talk about are all related to jason grandfathers uncles fathers. That sort of thing His grandfather william edward whitley was born on october. Fourth nineteen twenty four in marion williamson county illinois. He served with the seven hundred twelve th tank battalion in a company with the third platoon in the us army. He received a bronze star during world war. Two and he passed away on november twenty fifth twenty thirteen in marianne williamson county illinois at the age of eighty nine. He is buried in green haven memorial gardens in canfield mahoning county ohio. His next relative that he wanted to share with his great uncle delbra stone at he was born on june twenty eighth nineteen twenty four in union county illinois. He served in the united states army during world war two. He passed away on october. Twenty second nineteen ninety. Four at the age of seventy in union county illinois and. He is buried in the saint. John's cemetery in dongola union county illinois at his next relative which he didn't list at the relationship the next relative with elmer kenneth whitley who was born april first eighteen ninety three in union kelly county illinois. He served in world war one in the united states army and he passed away on september sixteenth nineteen eighty nine in hobart lake county. Indiana in he is buried in the jonesboro cemetery in jonesboro union county illinois and his last relative is henry ford kelly but he went by his middle name just ford. So that's what he was known by and he was his great great uncle. He was born on october third. Nineteen fifteen in union county on roy and he was killed in action during world war. Two in nineteen forty four while landing craft win a german. U boat shot a torpedo at his landing craft boat that he was on in. He is buried in anna cemetery in anna union county illinois. So thank you jason for sharing all of those veterans in your family and their stories with us. We really appreciate it and those are all included. And you will see those if your listeners. If you haven't watched the side and you're watching it for the first time or even if you did watch it any of the ones that we have photographs for. I tried to make sure they were on the same slide as their headstone. So jason included a photograph for each of those men as well as photographs of their heads. Notes says you're going through the slide shows you will see them together as one side On the side show so we really appreciate that and then the other one. That's in there..

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