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Nucleated voters into going down at the tall process using fake news and whereas with gdp or this voters to consent so if you do not want to be micro targeted then don't give your consent when you say mike it's like a very specific age group of very specific demographic that kind of thing females between the age of turkey and forty and have various interests in say transport or whatever the issue whatever their interests may be at so you're able to target a particular subsection of back group with messages that will be of relevance where people would be able to click on those messages and then likewise i think the term cambridge analytica used they'd go down the rabbit hole then i'm still getting my head around how it's gonna work at so you can too so that's a big feature of gdp or you'll be able to opt out of these messages that are putting being pushed onto facebook applications like brendon we're going to have to leave that thank you very much for your time thanks for coming on inside europe thanks for having me groza wine was long dismissed by wine buffs as cheap and cheerful perhaps.

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