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Had a code when I was 6650, Jimbo 1866554626. We're talking with the president of National School Choice Week. Andrew Campanella. That's this week and their website school choice week dot com And you were talking about about about private schools Is the brake intervene. Please finish that thought. Do we go back to some calls here? Short. Sorry I ran up, right? No, no, no there, but I'm the time Go ahead. Ex ship, private schools are allowed to set their own emissions criteria. But when private schools offer scholarships, they often offer them to disadvantaged students. Families who cannot afford tuition and Have known so many families who have taken advantage of state run scholarship programs and tuition assistance programs. And these are students who were really struggling and private schools welcome them in and in so many cases. Their fortunes turned around, and these kids learned more, and we're happier as a result of their parents being able to make a choice, so I Think that the argument that school choice leads to schools, cherry picking their students and almost schools, choosing students. It's just not born out by the facts. All right, 1866. Rival Jimbo, When 8665054626 we go to Matt in Sioux City, Iowa High Good afternoon, Jim and other person. First of all intelligence is genetic. Well, not entirely. I mean, let's face it an awful lot of how you perform has to do with how well you were prepared. So we can start with that fact. I can have wonderful jeans. And if I come from a dysfunctional family, and there's no time to study no place to study, and no one teaches me how to study. I'm not going to do as well as an average kid, but he has all the advantages so we can start with that as a fact. Well, once again, intelligence is genetic. Second of all, a 30 year old parent could teach their child how to read how to write. And how did you do Math if they know themselves? Yes. 30 years of age. If you don't know how to read, write and do mass, you're at the age where you should learn Number three teachers are not underpaid. In my bad depends. Some are. I'm sure others they're paid different amounts so they can't all be equally well paid. Number four athletes learned a new entertainers are way overpaid. And number five proving to me. Two thirds of Americans are idiots. I thank you for your time, Jim. Whatever. I'm not even sure what we should make of that particular call, So feel free to comment, if you wish. I'll let go. Thanks. I think there was a wise choice. Tony and mandolins, North Dakota. Good evening. Hello, gentlemen. Thank you for Reaching out. So my point is, I love this conversation. By the way, I've worked with youth for 23 years here in my state. I completely agree with the moving forward. My example is about private schools. And how it saves. I believe in my experience with With schools it saves. People money. With staffing and retirement and all the stuff that the public schools have to find teachers. They have to find all of the stuff that goes into staffing all of those kids Private schools assist with that. Lowers the taxes for certain people in these 100,000 to 200,000. And population towns, cities and I think that it gives choice and these other choices that you talked about with the doors earlier. I love that example. I'm gonna steal it from you. And having a parent myself with kids that went to procure school. I'm all the way through middle school and now in the public high school, I was so so blessed to have those choices. So anyone outside of that, I think Probably needs to really sit down and talk to administrators and do the math. That's my challenge for certain people that are there blocking this so Okay. Andrew. First I want to say thank you for your work with students and for your kind words, and I would say when it comes to teachers and staff, it's also so important to remember that they like different learning environments and teaching and Work environments, too. So when you open the doors of opportunity for students, you're actually opening the doors of opportunity for teachers to find places where they love to teach us well, and having more than one option in a community is great for educators. When it comes to the financial question and the tax related question. Studies have proven that when you increase school choice options, money is spent more effectively and efficiently across all types of schools. I think that's what we want. Because we want the money to go to classrooms. We want the money to go to teachers, and we want the money to be used to make sure students are learning. 186650, Jimbo, our number 18665054626. We're talking with Andrew Campanella, the president of National School choice Week. Another thing that I know has been brought up from time to time and we'll let you a tackle it here. I don't think it's a legitimate Concerned. I think it may reflect misunderstanding, but someone might say the only alternative to my public schools. There's a Catholic school system. I don't want my kids to become Catholic, even though it's a better school system. You know that's a great question. I know a lot of students who go to Catholic schools who are not Catholic, and the same goes for other religions as well. You would find that a lot of private religious schools welcome students and who are not in their denomination. And so I think that's Just a great testament to the schools and the fact that they are open. They're welcoming their inclusive. Would also say that If there are fewer options in the community. In terms of bricks and mortar schools look into the online learning options because there are online public schools in many states across goodness knows those options have certainly expanded their during this past year. They have, and this has been really an interesting year for education, and I think it's opened a lot of people's eyes to what education should be what it needs to be. All right to Tom in Messina Park, New York apartment, Just plain Messina, New York. Go ahead, Tom. Hey, How are you? Well, thank you. I think it has a lot to do with the parents at home that are enforcement her kids are teaching in that school is important and where I come from the community here. It's a very poor community. It's the most poorest community in upstate New York. And informing just not available for sure. So we're just short alway around it. It don't matter. Yes, Some families can't afford enough. We just don't have Infrastructure where I am without you know it. Zorn Lee good to have the proper facilities. But there is no reason why you cannot get Decent of a decent education out of a school that may not be the richest school may not have the the best labs or the fanciest fieldhouse are like but again. I'm curious as to just what all you find deficient in terms of funding in your school system there that there would would prevent someone from learning. I'm in favor of of improving situations like that, But I don't know that it's automatically closes the door to learning Tom Is he closes the door to the families that just can't afford the want to send their kids somewheres else. Or we did. We didn't mention the fact that often there are scholarships in the like available. I mean, well, where I am, And you know we're right on the community border. We're in a In a community that we'd have to travel three hours for private school. All right. What do you say to a Tom Andrew? I think Tom brings up a really good point. And then in some rural areas, there are fewer options than there are in larger metropolitan areas. And that's just a reality. Um, I would say that I believe he was in New York. He's in upstate New York. Near the Canadian border. Yes. New York is one of the things it doesn't have an online public school, which is something that would be beneficial open enrollment programs, allowing students to go toe, other traditional public schools and public charter schools, magnet schools, Those could be options..

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