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With Remax results, I'm gonna go out my house here. She is your host Mimi schoneman. Yes, she is here. Mimi showed him in your host of the red hot real estate show. And you're super real estate agents are licensed realtor with Remax results. Good morning Mimi morning. Hello. Hello. Hello. I know it's supposed to be out there in the market. But we mean that's because lots of action going on not the actual temperature heard the discussion on another show on on mytalk the difference between hot and spicy. So our market hot or spicy. Well, it's definitely busy. Okay. Ben. And that's a good thing. So considering you know, we're all you know. Here's the nice thing when you're selling your house in this weather. Yes. You know that these buyers are committed true true just to be out and get out and go, and we were just saying earlier that it's really good never thinking that you know, that you can't sell your house right now. Like, oh, nobody's gonna come look at it. It's too cold. There's people out there that are interested. No. I mean, there absolutely is. And so, you know, you definitely don't have to worry his Super Bowl has happened. Right. And now is the spring market, right, especially so we want to encourage any of our sellers that have got questions on what they need to do to get ready for the market today show is for you her effect because we're gonna be talking about the next two weeks. What you need to be thinking about in order to get your house ready for the market. We also encourage you to call and you can ask your questions of Maimi of six five one six four one one zero seven one and you'll still get those. Guys, those things to consider when buying a home and things to consider when selling a home. Yes, absolutely in our producer Sanni can take your information, and we can get those out to you. So they're really good. A good place to start to put your nose in read a few things the best thing if you're thinking about selling is to take advantage of a free market analysis that we offer to all of our listeners. It's absolutely complementary. And it's no obligation. Right. All you have to do is call and request that our number in the week six five one five seven eight two two one eight Mimi what's involved in that market analysis when I call you. So, you know, it's interesting because I was actually helping a friend out of state do some research on a property a land property, what goes into a market analysis is typically you take within a mile radius. If at all possible, the homes that have sold closest to yours. Okay. And then you try and take a sampling of the homes that are most like yours. Okay. And so we. The number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms the square footage that type of thing. Yes. So also, the style of the house, so you wouldn't really compare rambler to two story or a split level. Okay. So you would want to compare it most that you can exactly the same. And it's a good idea to have at least six okay in the last six months. So it gives you a good sampling. And so then from that we go into the MLS database and look at the history. Okay. And go back through the notes that we see we go back through the photos, and we pick the homes that we believe are closest match to yours and the interesting thing with properties when you're trying to do market analysis. It's not just as simple as just, oh, you know, the home down the street us, just like my built, you know, two years different every home has its own DNA. Okay. And each homeowner puts their own stamp on what that DNA looks like. And so some of the things that you. Will have done to your house that would be considered maintenance versus upgrades. Okay. So I think that gets a lot of people confused. I think my house should be worth more because I painted it last year or my house should be worth more because you know, that new Nolan flora put down in the bathroom or windows. Exactly. Okay. Gotcha. So some things are going to be more valuable and some things are going to make you more sellable. What about those inbetween things like the curb appeal things like I redid my driveway? Well, you know, here's the thing. If you put yourself always in the other person's shoes. Yes. Think about it. If you're a seller, you think about it from the eyes of the buyer right now. Okay. And I tell you what if you that's difficult for you to do then you should take us up on a free shopping trip. Okay. And because you will start to see things differently. You'll start to see. Oh, okay. So that house was really nice, right? And they've done this. And that my house doesn't have that. Or my house is better than that. Okay. And so you want to put yourself in the eyes of the opposite that you are. So if you're seller you wanna look at it from a buyer's perspective. And so if that's probably very eye opening for people because it's very difficult. And you've mentioned this before me to take the emotion out of your home and go, no, this is a house that I am now trying to sell if you can get your mind wrapped around just just starting to to not even call it a home. Okay. Or even a house call it a property fair enough. Yes. Real estate. Okay. This is what what it's going to be now because. A house is a home, right? And it has emotional connections. And a lot of things go on in a home. And that's why it's an emotional thing when you're working with your real estate professional. That's what we're here for because it's not emotional for us. We see that it's emotional for you. We watch you watch you go through all of the process of of thinking things through we watch your body language when you're going through the property, we watch you have a meltdown in the hallway because you know, you missed out on another house because it went into multiple offers. So we're gonna talk about things for sellers primarily today. But if you're a buyer out there, and you've got questions to we absolutely want to talk with you and one good place for you to start. Both buyers and sellers is to register on our website view. Greater Minneapolis, homes dot com. Right, and you can start looking at property. They're absolutely browse to your heart's content, and you can see you can contact us through the system and make appointments and as. A good time for any of your hunker down anyway, and you're still in hibernation mode, and you need motivation. Yes. This is a good time for you to go. I could be doing that right now. Well, I think you know, it's it's really tough. When it's when we have weather, right? And then people are going. I don't know what to do. I really don't know where to start. I just you know, should I just wait until all the snow is over with. Well, here's the thing. They're still buyers here in Minnesota all the time year round that are looking in needing good properties. Right. And the closer you wait to may the more competition you're going to have and it's going to put pressure on your price. Okay. It's also going to put a lot of pressure on you for condition because everybody's going to be comp- comparing to that model home that they're seeing that they're able to go into now with a beautiful spring flowers, and and everything and the green grass so especially right now if your yard and look like nothing. Take take a shot. You know, like all that landscaping. I really need to do. Now. The great time to get get gone. Perfect. So anyway. We encourage you to take advantage of all the links that we have posted on the show page here at mytalk one zero seven one right fantastic resources out there for every like every little niche that you might fall into right? Exactly. So just the kickoff. What we're talking about the things that you need to be thinking about over the next two weeks to get your home ready to sell the biggest thing that I think that I can encourage you to do is the psychology piece. Okay. Okay. So you say to yourself just like we said a second ago. This is not my home. My real estate is my investment, I'm going to be smart about this. And it's it's kinda like you just make the mental decision to let go. Okay. You probably helps you even like the other things that you're about to give them advice. Makes it a lot easier to make those decisions if you go. This is my real estate. How do I MAC maximize it exactly? And then if you can take yourself back to the moment in time when you bought that house. Okay. Feel yourself as you are. Are making your offer on that house feel yourself as you are walking in for the first time that you own it. And the things that you saw that you didn't see before you actually owned it. Right. And all of us know that even if you've never bought a house, you know, what it's like to move into an apartment and go didn't see that. Yes. You know, if I'd only seen that. I would that would've asked this question. I would ask for this or are wouldn't have to change that because we all get in there and go Dag gone. It that platter won't fit in the cabinet. Right. Not that that's a deal breaker on real estate. But you want to start thinking about those things that you thought when you first moved in because that's what your buyers are going to be thinking about. So once you start doing that. Then you wanna make a checklist in your just go ahead and write them all down. Okay. Go through and say yet, this bug me, I fix it or didn't fix it. And you want to also just start checking that list often if there's little things that you can do to make that space a little bit. Better than you're definitely going to want to go ahead and do that. So anything that you maybe went? I thought that was weird start working on it now. Well, I meet with so many sellers that say gosh, it bugged me when I moved when I moved here. But I never did anything about it. Okay. Here. A whole lot of kitchen stuff bathroom stuff. I didn't finish the basement, and you know. Live with those stairs. And I live with the carpet. I never liked it. I never painted that room because I didn't I never used it. I was just a it was a storage room. And I hate that color. Okay. The kinds of things you want to go ahead and put your checklist together. And when you're talking with your real estate professional, those are the kinds of things that we can help you with. Here's why though subtle things matter because photos are everything. Okay. Okay. So you can put the same exact house with a neutral wall or an orange wall or a neutral wall or a blue or you pick the color or wallpaper. Okay. Okay. Put those same two rooms on the internet when you're shopping for property, and which which house is gonna look better. Well, the neutral one most of the time unless it's really well decorated space. Okay. So you've got about oh, fifteen seconds to capture somebody's attention on online. Especially with photos, and I can tell you what when you're flipping through photos. It's seriously like like going through a newspaper. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Just like that. Yes. And then people will stop on the ones, and it's actually measurable where your eyes go to. And so if you if you're not able to visualize that call us that is something that we're specialists in in looking at property, and knowing what's going to matter, and what's not going to matter. Well, we are going to cover some more tips on what you should do in the next two weeks to sell your house. We're also going to talk about a great contest that we had going on. We're gonna announce a winner at the end of the show we are. And we're happy to take your calls at six five one six four one one seven one. We'll be right back on the red hot real estate show, the Colleen and Bradley show. Chris Pratt.

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