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On priorities seating in addition to making a contribution eighty percent of your contribution is tax deductible okay point being that right now if you want to get priority senior wvu you have to make a donation the size of their donation appeared depends on where the seats are eighty percent of that donation is tax deductible you can deduct that on your taxes but not anymore that is going to zero going from eighty percent down to zero so going forward and west shane lyons about this that if you want to and that's completely up to you have priority seating four which you will have to make a donation that donation will no longer have you will no longer be able to deduct any parts of that donation on your taxes right now you can deduct eighty percent going forward you wouldn't be able to deduct any now that might i don't know if that's going to change anything or not i'm not sure any body knows i'll tell you this and i don't know what wvu did or did not do but i know nationally there were number ef what a of athletic officials that went to congress and said whoa whoa whoa whoa hang on here you are are this tackles can increase our tax liability based on our kotra showers this tax bill is going to maybe affect our donations because our donors are going to be able to deduct their donations for party see and the response they got was a big chile's stare because there wasn't a lot of sympathy i think the reaction generally in congress was you guys been living large for a long time you guys are paying coaches five six seven million dollars a year and you wanna have a tax deduction you want you wanna have a tax advantage enjoyed by other nonprofits give me a break same thing for the priority seating no there's so much money now in this is the kind of thing a starting happening there's so much money in college athletics and a.

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