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Oh, now on the caller, Tuesday get where you were when I talked to you on the phone about because one of those throat is a Briley not only issues a talented comedian, and my Scorpio sister, she is a comedy show producer. She's also a writer. She is also a stand up comedian, but she also works for the MTA and as she has been there with for me through a lot of the ES coz that I have gone through that I have gone through, I had a call one day so you can get your thing. Say real quick. Explain with them is to everyone and not in the New York area though quick, but everybody has MTA right. This another. The the metro transit is so MTA as much politics, transportation authority. I work for the New York City transit authority, which is a division of the MTA INTA is on a railroad adventure north, and the buses so company that encompass all aspects of the transportation system in the city. I didn't even know you ought to be their spokesperson because everybody I speak to sound like wing Wong with they suck and teacher from the when long along along with me, no mowing. Okay. Well, can I get a transplant? We we want we, I'm like, bitch, do any of you? Motherfucker speak anything other than hieroglyph. Yeah. God, I love the Maryland greater Farallon education. Did any because that was the parochial school baby college baby. I know that's what I'm saying. But. Say your story, so hit my story. So I called Joanna when there was a fit and he's gonna join all the time. Like what does that mean? No sense. Remember when we used to try to all get together, what station you was going to be, we would go through this this just the way that you say. I used to be Columbus circle along time that bleaker street. I was all over and you don't bleaker street here and you have one out in street. Was it Clark? The Brooklyn was high street Clark. Street Clinton, Washington. Why did they move you from Columbus circle before I go to my story, I want to be anymore..

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