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Like she looked so obvious. And this knife. I was known evers hiding themselves in a wide berm hat like a wide berm out is not a disguised because automatically. You're like who's the bitch wearing the hat only. I'm pretty little liars. Pretty young then hat is used as a taunting move is not just to taunt you. Better be a matching trenchcoat. Yeah she sees okay. So chelsea gets off the bus which is just a brutal image and sonia you She while i guess it was two thousand sixteen as i've been paying for her uber's yet but he could easily send her like towncar on the company like a company that he works for him shore since town cars for free all the time. No she really know you know. You don't know what you don't know. And she didn't ask for car exactly. But sonia caesar soon as she walks in and she gets close enough to the checkout alley check into confirm that she's there for jeff and she'll also over. Here's her name the way that she likes slips in slice she like like a just so funny. It's so non discreet like every moment of this. But she like does she turns her head in like puts her hand up kind of hyder face but she gets like six inches away like they also didn't do a very good job of filling. The scene with extras like go very far in the background. If i was like the hotel manager i would look at her and be like. Can i help you wicked man. She's like hovering the way that like rude. People do at the bank literally. She's athlete counter. Like you think the person be like. hey man. could you wait a moment right. Sonia leaves. This is only bad. Josie beside Acting moment in this movie she liked cries when she gets to her car. And it's it's truly a bad lifetime cry. She's trying to make something happen. That's not going to happen. Yeah i think it would have been better if she went with indignant. Yeah right like like. Yeah so so. There's like a weird. There's not enough anger about like what's she's like. Well why would you wanna be with her. Like there's not like why is he fucking twenty two year old. Like there's there's no anger bear. Which i think should be there yet. Yeah you're right. You're right because she needs something a dial back from yes later on. Yeah it does seem like she's taking a little bit so chelsea gets up to the hotel and this place is so obviously if a fucking marriott like this place is that it has the same wallpaper that you see in every every like hotel. You stayed in where you're like. I'm going to stay at a medium nice hotel tonight. It's that same background and you can tell that for her. This is like the ritz only. Yeah which makes it even more insulting frequent travelers like taking her there because clearly had to scratches points together. Night there So sony pulls up together before she goes into work and it's not even her day to work but you just came in to do. Some paperwork were snoop on chelsea online. The receptionist asser about our anniversary party. And she's like. It was good things and i was like. Why didn't you invite her. Sonia like little rude sonya. I feel like an anniversary. Party is the kind of thing that if you know your co workers having one you don't mention it to them if you're not invited. I saw wilson as somebody that has worked in an administrative role for very many years in quite a few different things. I will say like as close as i have been with my bosses. There's like usually understanding that. I'm like not invited to their anniversary parties. No you're right. I also thinking of like my vet where it's like six people. Yeah like my boss. And i would who i get along with like very well like we seriously get on gray but like we would probably have hours long conversations about the party that she's planning and i would not expect to be invited in i because she looks down on me but because we just don't we don't see each other outside of work like we just don't but like at work we talk for hours every day like we get on great but like i think sonya's like the boss boss which is like how with loss but at the last law firm. I was the person who is just one step above me. We hung out and went out for dinner and if she had anniversary party. Didn't tell me. I would be like highly offended so i think that this is very much like the receptionist in the boss get along well but clear work dynamics. No you're right. I think that. I've been inside for so long that i do forget things like that now. Three eight of molly. You don't have to work. You don't work the office nine to five. No likely all it takes no. It's i see. Here's the thing. I think that before the pandemic i would have known that. Why would the receptionist at her vet clinic. Be invited to her intimate. I guess anniversary party. I wouldn't have thought that she should be invited. But my lines are very blurred. Now where i'm like. They seem really close. Why not like i. I'm very loosey-goosey now. I'm very like you know what do whatever you want in life. It's fine sonya's looking at chelsea on her computer and she finds her facebook and when she scrolling through the photos she mutters chef. And i liked that beginning again or sticking with were mad at. I love that. She's holding him responsible. Yeah i would've we. She doesn't find out she's seventeen there but like it's a good entrance into sony being like jeff is making some weird choices. Here's a i always think about like all of the different people that watch these movies and how they tried to lake sort of represent especially like every type of woman or every type of role you could be in a movie like this always have like someone who very like their sole purpose in this movie is to give this toner vibe. In a way that you don't see another movies. And i thought this is the kind of movie that like a parent would put on with their like twelve year old in the room with the hopes that they would learn a lesson about not getting pregnant at seventeen but in reality. They'd be trolling themselves into like. Actually what i think is actually a more effective learning lesson for adult women which is like. Don't be mad at a young girl like this. Like figure out a way to take her under her. You're weighing in two thousand sixteen. I actually feel like this was kind of like a little bit of an advance dialogue for lifetime. If i'm being real with you. Yeah it definitely is like you know what i kept thinking. It's very juno right right. That's a great record. At the end i was like. Oh it's juno that is a great reference. Oh my god yeah. you're so right. Yes oh my god. I forgot what happened to the guy at the juno. But i know didn't go well for him i think he just get. They just like make him leave. I think she'd jennifer garner just makes him leave and then remember. She writes the note. That's like i'm still an if you are right Couple of watch out in years. I know i need to rewatch. I love jennifer garner into. And you know what i i know you do too like. I like diablo cody. I love diablo. Cody yeah she's the best so in her films only get better with time. Like i love. The jennifer's body is having its moment yet that's well-deserved yeah for sure. Because it was so that was like i mean i've never liked spoken her about it or anything but like i know from.

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