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No which most like to make whoopi with just remind me and it was like yelling plant it was definitely it was equal big did break down between two well there was obviously team blanche right but then there was the problem was with blanche i mean she's she was this loot of the group it permissible yeah anyway i can't really say all the stuff we were saying so let's just move it was fun all right let's get no let's get to guys that are just as in lightened as a bunch of guys would argue about which golden the casavant surprise you got vinny chase you got e otherwise known as eric otherwise known as pizza boy you got turtle and you got drama that's a tough one i see i don't wanna go and say like what the characteristics are because i don't want to bias just just gimme or what are your emotions where those take you who's been chase let's start there i think it would be skeets he's okay why i don't know i don't know just the way he carries himself to charisma venezia actually trace vinnie yeah interesting got sort of the most i could seem swaggie out in la i'll take it all right e you know he's he's sort of the most responsible yeah i think i would be enough there's a perfect breakdown with entourage just of course over there was a perfect accurate i agree it's kusc to ease in his name at the very least all right between turtle and drama i mean tough this task could pull off the drama voice for that's that's more of sylvester stallone what we gotta make big stuff the turtle have that huge money success right at the thing though turtle develop drugs drama and passes turtle yeah have you seen one entourage no classic well that were i got a i got a couple more but i think as we're running along feel no need to do them did you start with your best one come on give give us us questions classic beatles classic mike john paul ringo george do you know the beatles lee is ringo let's move on okay okay classic ring a little help from my friends i feel he could sing lead on that okay all right we got john paul george george i think trays george is the most spiritual yeah i think you're probably right okay i mean these guys gotta be john paul i sure i agree i think tass is john cash deeper more broody soul to i would have said tasks john and skeets paul everything's fine well my voice is a lot like lease voice all right and let's quick wizard of oz here dorothy tin man scarecrow interesting dorothy lion scarecrow trays the furriest sure sure would he be allying our personality who's the most cowardly but then overcomes that this is tough that's tough man no you guys are all strong men you don't want to admit to happy you've never been scared never never cried who cries the most would you say i know i cry the most for sure but of the of the foursome in the wizard of oz who cries the most because i'll take that one it's it's the vine right that'd be the last okay who doesn't say skeets the tin man okay why he should be dorothy shimmy why she's sort of like leader the group you know he's the leader of the of the show but you got into an man to who she wears the best shoes could you go sort of run forever you got this rough exterior nothing gets to you okay okay if feel that hearttoheart yeah okay that's a long way of saying you've no i just didn't wanna come up and say i'll i'll be the the ten ten minutes minutes and scarecrow and dorothy i think in a sense isn't you oh lee is very far from home as dorothy that's true yeah yeah i don't mind that so that the scarecrow dorothy and task i'd say the scarecrows the best answer that's true so that works best slap in the flu that's for sure there you go all right wow what a complaint too that's very weird complaint let's get to the complaint is healthy and take it seriously i can't believe you didn't do a sex in the city i wanted to but i didn't realize i didn't know the.

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