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The first time that the sean taylor's name had come up it turns out he had been questioned in two thousand nine and two thousand and sixteen the f b i rounded up to sean and questioned him but he wouldn't talk at this time he said he had nothing whatsoever to do with what happened to britney but investigators weren't buying it according to the fbi in the local police departments in myrtle beach and georgetown county pieces of evidence they had collected throughout the investigation also pointed to sean or people he knew and the feds figured out a way to put the squeeze on to sean right they brought new federal criminal charges against him for an earlier crime to detain him and hopefully get him to roll over federal and state charges for the same crime are not violation of a suspect's constitutional rights against double jeopardy and this is how this situation would work but was interesting though was when they arrested him they said that he was being arrested for the kidnapping and the the murder of brittany drexel then when he got down to the courthouse to be questioned or the police department to be questioned yeah there were questioned about britney and everything and then eventually when there was a charge it was about this mcdonalds which he had already served time for bright and so he was so here's what happens they robbed at mcdonald's he was the driver and he says he was young at the time he didn't get charges much as other people correct and then and then basically basically law enforcement came back and said well we could've charged him with conspiracy and so let's do that to him now right and it's really do they give it crap about the burglary or the the stick up at the mcdonald's no they don't they're trying to squeeze him because of this brittany drexel case right yes and basically saying yeah we know that he serves some time but now we've decided that the the charges and the sentence was too lenient right it is a very organized and potentially violent crime and we need to hold him further responsible for this issue but you're exactly right captain it's most likely put the squeeze on him try to get information regarding this brittany drexel case so there's going to be a detention hearing in the case of the united states against timothy sean taylor this is to determine if they could detain him or hold him without bond on these new federal charges related to the.

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