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If this Gunther momentum continues, do you get to go through enrollment? It could be like more of a SummerSlam thing? Yeah. I feel like you're starting to work that trajectory where it's like, there's one person that could be wrong, because if it's not Cody Rhodes, and Cody's in a weird spot, and I don't know if Gunther and Roman are in trajectory. Like sooner or later, Gunther keeps going the way he's going. We're going to get Gunther versus Lashley. We're going to get Gunther versus Lesnar. Right. As the big match before we get something else. Well, the Cody roasting gets weird because it's like, all right, cool, we can do Cody rose's champion, but what's the question? Then what? Cody fucking robots. But the real question is like, all right, because a million heels. Cody Rhodes. But Cody's tricky, again, I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go back to the gorgeous book real quick. The words talks in depth about Goldberg coming back. And them trying to figure out how to work this angle with The Rock. And then gorgeous was like, well, you could do this thing Booker T and Goldberg is like, I'm not Booker T and he was being an asshole. He's like, I can't do that. He's like, well, you know, we did with us, and he was like, I'm not so cool, Steve Austin. I'm Goldberg. And everybody knows Goldberg from mowing people down. And then what's after that? I don't know. Because that's what I did. like, you can't make me funny. There's nothing you can do with me. I am this person. Cody's in the spot where he's still got a new car center on him 'cause he got hurt really quick. And if you bring him in and you put that title on him, you don't really know where to go with him. Well, you have rumble which isn't a ton of time through mania where he got a face of solo. I don't know. He has to deal with Seth Rollins still. That's not done. No, but that's, again, you're asking what feud can you have after Roman? Oh yeah, well, after Romans. So you can go Seth. There's a plethora of heels for him to run through. You can do a really good, and I'm not saying that like, again, bray around the belt is weird. I don't need breaks to be superhuman. He can't ever lose, by the way. No, I don't even know. So there's a really good story to tell between Cody Rhodes, whether he's champion or not. And Bray Wyatt, where their families are both WWE royalty, but why it was never looked at as Cody is looked at. Where dusty, the son of a plumber, all this stuff, Cody, the dashing Cody Rhodes, and looking at him from afar and all of that stuff. And why it was never given those opportunities. He was kind of cast off, even though both of their fathers were in the WWE both, like my dad was not looked at as like my family was looked at as lesser. There's a good story to pull out there. Another great heel. So like you got some, got some meat on the bone. Well, here's the question. And I don't know the answer to this, and I'm not saying this facetiously. I'm being serious. Does the contract the verbal contract that Cody had with Vince upon his return work for Triple H? Listen, man, the guy didn't publicly shit on me for three and a half years. I don't know. But I'm saying like, no, I mean, as great as Triple H is. The click is still a thing. Yes. He has been an asshole before in his life. He has. He has been petty. Plenty of times in his life. Right. This is the time where if he wants, but I'm not saying I'm not saying him being petty. I'm saying him looking at what he's doing because Vince always was very insular and he was just like, this is what I want to happen. I'm going to make this happen with the crowd likes it or not. Triple H is like, okay, this is working. So let's move more this way. Like the Sami Zayn thing, all right, we're going to keep him in bloodline longer, 'cause it's got legs. Now Cody comes back. He's like, all right, time to get my title and hold on. It's not time. I think Tripp is already planning this because again, Tripp's isn't dumb. And trips for whatever it's worth has been a part of several amazing returns. Especially rumble returns. Yeah, most of them. His own Cena. Yeah. He knows the pop and the longevity and how to make someone off of an injury return. Yes, so when he takes the gig, he understands like I have this piece. That I'm going to need to play this card. Right. But that's the question I'm asking is, like, he knows how to do returns, but I wonder if there's a part of Triple H is like, I can't put the title on him right now. I need to wait. WrestleMania is too soon. I think you strike when it's hot. But how hot is it? It's going to be nuclear. I don't know. New killer. I think Royal Rumble is going to be hot. And if he's able to come back, which

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