Joni Mitchell, Emma, Cindy Lauper discussed on That Awful Sound - 114 - Danger Cracker (Hoobastank - The Reason)


Sorts disturbed demand eighty seven and sublime dude 1992 who or maybe he just really likes that salon song april twenty furs had 1932 i forget because if i was commenting on song meanings where were you these down stealing at the poncho how do you how do you think i got this username than in commenting on their their their that do you wish to be as sublime as me send to joints to sublime do they today all right let's move on to the final segment of the show which is where we talk about music we actually like um i'm gonna go first i wanna talk about some joni mitchell oh because i was l literally last night emma introduced me to joni mitchell okay if you had asked me who joni mitchell was i would've said i don't know some some 80s like dance singer like cindy lauper like that would have been my best guess like i've really the i've heard the name joni mitchell my whole life i've never really been introduced to any of her songs except for yellow taxi that's they minutes on baguel attack thing big yellow taxi which i didn't know was by her by name and i also am almost equally familiar with the jack johnson cover of that song is that who covers it it's another vote hawaiian cover than probably jacked up i'm pretty sure it's like in the curious george movie nah sad the harrison.

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