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Calling here before we break for news. This is Kelly in Chicago. Hi, Kelly. Hi moved. I live in a condo and I have a fiberglass shower base on a stand up shower and I cannot get it clean anymore. Is it possible to replace that without ruining the tile? Um Uh, I mean the body, so replace it all. You'd have to take off one layer, but there is There is a company that makes a overlay. That you can put on to that base And I'm gonna I'm blanking on the name of the company. But basically you will measure the shower base and it's a shower base overlay that you do a little bit of prep work in a glues down over the top. It's all you know what it almost resembles. Um No, it's not tile ready? That's the base. This is an overlay over the top. You know how your cell phone you have A Maybe you have a screen protector that goes over the top of your cell phone. Yes, it's sort of like that, and it comes in white or ivory. The other thing that I would tell you to try before you go crazy from cleaning perspective is that if you were to get a nylon brush on the end of a Cordless drill And spray that base with a cleaner called Ka boom. K A B 00 M. Spray it. Let it sit there for 10 minutes. Scrub it. With Nylon brush and the Cordless drill that will get it Super clean. Keep listening. I'm going to come up with the name of this overlay this shower base overlay. I can picture it. And it's kind of a cool item and it looks need. It's a little bit. You know, it's an install, so it takes a little time to do, But it will absolutely refresh this base, and it fits around the dream and everything and kind of resembles, you know, screen protector on a cell phone. Which I think you'll find pretty interesting. All right, Lou Manfredini, how smart radio of when we come back. I've got an indoor air purifier that I want to share with you as part of our new to Lou Tuba. Right now It's time for news. NEWS Nation this hour. I'm don clipping Donald Trump's impeachment trial resumes today..

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