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Manage risk, learn how at Splunk dot com slash public sector. It's a 38. We go to marry to pomp in the WTO traffic center. All right, Luke Luke, and we're going straight toward the district in northwest. Everything's running pretty well. There are no issues on your freeway, tunnels, bridges, but in foggy bottom, a new crash rescue heading 23rd eye street near the foggy bottom metro so watch for response. New Hampshire avenue as well as 23rd until they pinned this one down. Now, beyond that, two 95, your corridor project, not causing any big issues this morning yet, we're keeping an eye on things suit and Parkway was doing okay. So we'll move to the beltway. That's our one working accidents on the Maryland side of the beltway, and the inner loop as you pass branch avenue exit 7, gear yourself two to the left, two lanes to the left to get by the crash retrieval one went into the Woods in the 5 o'clock hour. That's the breakaway point that temple hill road overpass and you're good to go crossing into Virginia on the beltway, not really seeing much of anything you're doing well just to remind her that the inner loop beltway ramp that goes to 66, that is a new ramp configuration. You're going to fly up and over to the left to go westbound, Google might not catch up yet, but WTO traffic has your back. So if you're traveling that ramp do so with caution, it's even changed the direction which exit comes first. So on guard and you're doing okay, there are no slowdowns, just cautionary tale. If you're westbound on 66, they were looking for the disabled vehicle near nutley street. Watch out along the right side should be out of travel, but you know how shoulders are tight with this work happening and eastbound 66 the ramp to westbound 50, that is close until Tuesday for reconfiguration there. With discover, you can redeem your rewards for cash in any amount at any time. Learn more discovered dot com slash cash, redeem rewards and terms apply married upon the WTF traffic. Now for your storm team four, four day forecast with Lauren ricketts. Gorgeous yesterday, gorgeous today, feeling like a typical summertime day. Temperatures are going to be in the low 90s for daytime highs today. It'll

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