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Of course injuries like that and i'm not someone who's squeamish when it comes to things like seeing blood or whatever but when i see athletes snap the legs and feet or going into the director of the dak. Prescott injury was a bone pop up. That does alex smith. Alex smith horrible. Joe fis men can remember all of them. Napoleon mccallum am that one is the basketball player in college. He was in louisville. Yes oh my goodness. I that one. You could see the bone kevin ware. That would've was anyways. So my friend karen cassidy and what was funny. She had to introduce herself to like this woman and her teenage. Yeah i guess. Kids edge goes on my name's karen and of course the teen years all. It's a karen. Oh no way. i'm a nice. Karen is boomer and your friends were to carry right. And it's a tough karen. I might add so for sure. So yeah i heard the story. Yesterday i could. I could not believe it would be just the worst in that spot. I would just be absolutely terrible. I would be screaming. Just be screaming. Yeah it'd be like. I'd be like nancy. Kerrigan would be like why why that's right before the summer. Life is so unfair. Yeah that's why. I was always afraid of it. The sole rupture my achilles right in the middle of summer. Then you pulled the hamstring jammed up See i would say the giancarlo stanton of the south balls basically as without the production. Did anybody have the quad. By the way did we make the best mentioned let this year. We didn't do it this year. We were positive vibes only on that and we decided not to make the bed and look for Pulled by the way you see you've got to last night for the yankees. And do i know here we come. I always berry comes really. I mean you can. Yeah listen. I am not giving up that kid. Neither the yankees clearly. You know what they see. What i see what i see and i know he got he got off. The bed are coming up here. He was great in troy when he finally came back. But what i see is that when he's in a box i see like violent hitter I can't explain on any other way than that. Like he's in there to rip away at all times even though he doesn't swing at pitches and he's gotten off to a slow start but seeing him swing and hit the ball. Yesterday that was good. That was good for the yankees. We forget because of everything that's gone on since that twenty nineteen season. How good he was. I mean he finished second in the rookie of the year. To show a probably should've won because he played more games. Fewer just obsessed with otani at that point and then we. I mean we never saw him again. I mean missed. The entire season is basically gone disappeared a rumor but he was great. I mean he carried that team offensively. It was their most consistent hitter that entire year. And how about the fact. And i totally forgot about this last night during the game. They're talking about how the mets acquired cameron may been from the cubs. Yeah for a dollar. That's right yeah carry said. It doesn't reflect. Who cameron may is a player. It reflects more the cubs willingness to give cameron. Maybe a chance to get back up into the majors..

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