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Ago motherless Brooklyn with ed Norton we have just mercy with Jamie Foxx and Michael B. Jordan in error not sweat Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne headlight the new hence Malick film I mean these are what we were loaded this year yes Jane what is what is the process like in and again as I say in like dumb guy terms because in how what is the process for you like getting a film to your festival is it something like you're you're sent screeners by studios or how does it work yeah there's a couple different ways that we Kerrey stop people consider submit their phone to independent films from all across the country are being submitted by filmmakers second of all if we go to different parcels across the country to solve the respondents in tribeca and Toronto away on to a different bus was incorrect and that's a lot and then we also work with the studios like the paramount and Warner brothers and so you think your classics of the world and have a dialogue all year long about what they have coming in the November December slate that they would like to permanent off faster than we can tow screeners and we decide if we want a career that still here in Minnesota for audiences because obviously the studios have an have an advantage to work with you and other festivals across the country like you there's an advantage for you and there's an advantage to for them to get the Oscar buzz going on my right absolutely they use to bold as a launching pad promotions and marketing and the more reputation you build over your life spans of if you were ten years the the more trust and respect the studios have with you and instead of just had a given you anything they tried to give you their top picks left the absolution of our festivals we we don't we got we've been getting amazing films ever since you're what we open our festival the very first festival ever very first film ever was waiting for Superman with Davis Guggenheim in attendance at the bar in last year we are open from was green park which of course one of the best earlier this year so over the span of ten years we build that trust and respect and professionalism and now were considered one of the most influential from trust within the region and we get content because of that reason while also special focus this year on female for filmmakers and then of course your social justice because as well he tells a little bit more about those decisions this is the you know people ask me like Hey what's his conscious effort and the answer is no people don't realize how much amazing content women filmmakers are creating we've cutting the optical the last five years but this year it broke the mold and actually a majority of our phones sixty five percent of all of ourselves and our festival I either directed or produced by women we have a whole series of them call the perfect team that cut the stalwarts of everything here are with her series left about fashion industry and fine thing and plus size women trying to reshape the beauty standards we have a home call amplifier about women DJs and how the news it does not know gender we have felt about our local Mary Janes about women in cannabis industry all I ask them to look at our feet facing with the phone call and that is in mothers and daughters trying to fight the indigenous battle with warrior women you have such an amazing screen of women from another social justice because we focus on a specific because every year and this year happens to be environmental responsibility and that we have five amazing films in that particular slave as well they were dealing with a great system are you looking at obviously with everything that Crestone Burke is doing right now we have a phone that is similar to that of a local change maker climate youth activists who's been doing it for ten years so amazing content around our environmental responsibility this year as well now use said that you've gotten great films just right from the start where do you see it going this might be jumping the gun a little bit but what how do you envision this Film Festival in the future all year round organization one thing that dances of the world and try back as in Toronto's do is that they have a year round process and we do as well but not as deep a Democrat they've been around for thirty forty years they're able to get these content not even just during their bigger fast of all available to get him throughout the year with the talent stopping by throughout the year and they actually have a physical building or physical presence in their cities respected city so online as I look to the next decade at the disturbance well I don't feel tired looking about it I would see something very similar well we have a physical space where content creators come and create content we're all about Minnesota talent making it big into our into the world of country our content and storytelling as well so that's what I see the festival going on of course continuing to be influential light for anybody who wants to explore again for me you guys Salem changes the world for me it's a great equalizer because when going to the theater you are friends with everybody in that even if you don't know all of them because they're watching the same thing they're calling it the same thing a lot of the same thing there's an eternal connection that can only happen watching something together with the lights go down and that's what helped us was all about beautifully said my friend is a good place to and by the way Jaden I don't want to take advantage of our from lex and I don't want to take advantage of our friendship with you but but ten years ago we shot a little movie called the wooden I'm proud we're wondering if we can submit that to you Jane for consideration you can make anything consideration.

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