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The mini series waco david koresh and all that i mean when you watch that and you see the atf and how the fbi back then uh acted owned david koresh wacko don't get me wrong and he was horrible things to children and i get that but the way that the atf in the fbi acted they'll do that they they don't act that way anymore they learned the table or not to do right from waco so now today in 2018 they know that they blew the case in florida and they came out and they said we did it wrong yeah instead of denied denied my what they did in waco even though everybody everybody around the you know there was wrong all right how about senator nelson of florida listen to what he said you're looking at somebody who supports the second amendment the right to bear arms i grew up here in florida illinois ranch i have always had gone since i was a little boy i have hunted all my life i still hut with my son but an ar fifteen is not for hunting it's for killing so why the military uses it that's why was banned for a while you don't hunt with an ar fifteen you'll deal you'll guilty animal there won't be anything left no you know and we again is there a gun problem yeah is there a mental health problem yeah are there are problems within the scope yup there's about a checklist of a pagelong of stuff that we can do better in this country and runs is under there that's one of the things uh it's it's the i don't think these ar fifteen should be out at all i think it's absurd and by the way this guy this shooter right his killer i mean there is we could go over 50 things that that was wrong with this guy and he still got a gun and nobody i shouldn't say nobody the law enforcement didn't look at social media peril and that's why now the the the broward county sheriff's department says we need to do more and include social media coming up the.

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