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Went to the bulls children's home a Christian orphanage in Quinlan, Texas after the war. He bought a house in farmville. I eldest sister, Karen. And her husband, the loss of his mother stayed with Murphy throughout his life. A later stated she died when I was sixteen. She had the most beautiful hair I've ever seen. It reached almost to the floor. She rarely talked and always seem to be searching for something. What it was? I don't know. We didn't discuss our feelings back in those days when she passed away. She took something of me with her. It seems I've been searching for it ever since so World War Two breaks out after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He tried to enlist the army said you're too short. You're too small. We can't use you don't even have uniforms or boots that would fit you. So the army rejects him, the navy rejects him, the Marine Corps rejects and the alternative down for being underweight and underage after his sister. Lied and provided an affidavit that falsified his birthday by year. He was accepted by the US army on June thirtieth nineteen forty two. He went to basic training at camp Walters. He was sent to fort Meade, Maryland or Vance infantry training during basic training. He earned the marksman badge for with rifle and the expert badge with the bayonet component bar. He went to Casablanca in French Morocco in February nineteen forty-three where he joined the third infantry division, which he would serve. Served with for the rest of the war in this case company, b first battalion fifteenth infantry regiment of the third infantry division, he trained under the command of Major General Lucian Truscott who became legendary participated as a platoon messenger because he was a tiny guy when he got to his company they looked at me said that's not an infantryman. That's a tiny guy. You know, what I bet he'd be a really good runner. But Audie Murphy distinguish himself in combat very soon. Audie Murphy from from underweight company message runner to medal of honor. Famous American warrior most decorated American servicemember ever right after this on the dark secret place keeping an eye.

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