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Bombedout buildings so mp sense for electromagnetic pulse and it are these are strong radiation waves which are produced by a wide range of explosive but many nuclear explosives and they and the radiation comes down you burst two or three of these at high altitude over a country and they are will are said to knock out the electronics and it there is reason to believe the russians built one of these in the cold war we had simulators to test our weapons astonishingly it looks like france actually built deployed one of these weapons the uncertainty about the mp would make it not very attractive to any decision maker bend the thought that the scenario that's very popular that israel will burst one of these over iran to knock out the electronics i don't i think the israeli military or the political leadership would view that as a reliable enough way to take out those forces they may fire one of these things as part of a general attacked a sort of mess up the other side more but if simply to on certain uh before we take the next question let me jump in here he mentioned israel and iran you said that you thought it was more likely than not that iran would eventually acquire a nuclear weapon of some kind and i know you write about the book in the book about it so what's your take on there's a lot of talk about military strikes against iran what do you think about that is an option what do you think we're looking at uh if other options don't work in military strike to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon leads to so many incalculable volkonskaya quenches that i personally would be strongly opposed to it number two i would make a call that israel will not launch a strike on iran because they can't possibly don't think they have the military wherewithall to execute it and i think when.

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