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Jillian barberie and john phillips and very happy monday to you at three zero six in the morongo casino resort and spa studios john phillips and lexus garcia in for gillian how are you good i feel delirious from the heat oh my god still my god this weekend i was in the coachella valley is i am on most weekends and i was in the car about six oh we get off the air at six on wheels up six oh to you're out of here in a hurry so i was texting back and forth with a friend of mine who lives in palm desert and she told me electricity just went out my it was a hundred and eighteen degrees in palm desert time for the electricity to guard yes okay so she said that it got to be about one hundred degrees inside her condo almost immediately to the four seasons or will not the four seasons maybe the best western sit in one of their air conditioned rooms well she said that her garage door where she had a car parked was electronic where she had to hit the button doors open up and she didn't know how to open it up manley so she was freaking out because she stuck at her house it's over one hundred degrees indoors it's one hundred eighteen degrees outdoors she couldn't use her car because it was stuck inside the garage so i'm on the phone with her and i said well what are you going to do and she said well a sitting in my car in the garage that i turned it on got the ac right terrible and i said well i don't know anything about chemicals but i do know that if you do that you better have a will that's ready to go because you're not going to be with us in about forty five minutes so she gets out of there and then a bunch of us go and we we have dinner we eat by the way at the restaurant is packed so we eat outdoors on the patio under the ministers and she goes back because the power is supposed to be turned back on at ten o'clock the power doesn't get turned back on until eleven thirty probably takes a few hours to cool everyday down yes so we have another friend who lives in her complex and she was staying at his place until the power was turned back on in her unit so he goes to bed she gets back to her house turns the a c as much as she can goes to bed it goes out again at three o'clock in the morning but she's too embarrassed to call me or my other friend and so she just drives around the valley for our he doesn't want to wake anyone out no it's crazy i think i even saw in irvine it was hotter and irvine than it was in duck valley i believe it was torture terrible we're going to talk to rick dicker fox eleven he's certified broadcast meteorologist coming up later on in the hour but first the top news in the country as the country's gonna get a new supreme court justice named tonight or a nominee at least named tonight the president is going to speak to the country around six pm local time lebron decision type tv event he really is interesting we know the four finalists we know who's on the short list and according to roy blunt who's a senator from missouri he says that any of them are going to get confirmed because the republicans have the votes and republican senators are happy with all four that's interesting joining us to talk about this is andrew stalled man who's a chicago federal court litigator you can get on twitter at stoughton nineteen seventyone andrew thanks so much for joining us anytime john so the.

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