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Pack where we do logo and stationery in design your business cards, and all that, so we have a lot of the different elements are covered there and then the. The Post launcher website? You have really two great values from a company like ours. There's the ongoing content and resources available to you so whether it's articles to post on your digital marketing or some videos and infographics things like that or support team there that you have access to to help you make updates and changes wants your websites launched a bats also available to our clients. As things have developed with the stay at home orders, and just some of the fundamental societal changes that some people think are going to be here forever. You guys have published so much stuff on your blog about how things have changed. What are you hearing from advisors when they call you? They're like help. What are the biggest things that they're saying? Oh? My God I really need help with this. And, let's talk about those solutions. Yeah, for sure so one of them is just over the past little. While here with all the the covid implications in the world, it's using their website as a way to communicate to their clients, so they're posting messages or updates on a regular basis. You know once a week once. Maybe multiple times a week and those updates are done in two forms it can be text based type update, or in some cases to they are putting in videos and using that as a medium to communicate those updates. UPDATES now the the other side of it too is, there's been a fair amount of advisors. Let's call a spade a spade here like a lot advisors I find still don't necessarily value a website as much as they should and more old school, and and that's that's all fair game and there you still you know. The the coffee meetings in the seminars end going to events in appreciation dinners, and that type of stuff, and that's where they get the referrals build out their network and grow their business, and now those ones I've. With my website in five years six years. They're coming to us for they need. They need a facelift, not even have the mobile responsive website. The website not may not be secure, and these are little things that realize now all of a sudden I need to really get on this quick, and now they're really moving forward and improving that presence. How long does it take from a stop like there are advisors out there? Just like you've said who they don't need just a facelift. They got nothing right. They've no digital marketing. They've never. They're like I. Don't need to worry about this I've got a perfect system set up now that perfect system is literally destroyed. How long does it take before you start seeing your advisers? Get results from these strategies that you guys do it advisor website. So I'm going to flip the question back to you and what you define as results. Ha. Yeah, DUDE! That was awesome. I get that question all the time. That's why I wanted to hear your answer like Roi Right Return on investment. This is this is something that can be costly. Right? websites are not cheap. They shouldn't be You get what you pay for with websites. Everybody you know, don't just find the kid down the street. Who can program in HTML or Or knows how to use wordpress. You really truly need to use an actual professional, so let's talk about that return on investment they've..

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