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I'm looking at your ride down of San Francisco to the lower deck of the Bay Bridge in traffic on the lower decks Looking better. We had a car breakdown before the island, but it managed to really jam things up. So North bound Wanna one solid bumper to bumper conditions there now from Cesar Chavez onto the eastbound 80 Skyway? Again. A stall is gone. I see No delays in either direction. Coming or going upper deck. Lower deck Great, pretty jammed up in Berkeley on the shore Freeway in both the eastbound and westbound directions of Interstate 80. We did have an accident eastbound at the Ashby off ramp, and it has been cleared from the lanes attracted traffic is just recovering there. As you continue that eastbound Interstate 80 commute plan on the slow ride there is you roll through Richmond and Pino and eventually, once you get past highway for traffic is moving well. To the car, Keenest bridge, but more slowing their through Kallio in the eastbound at direction. We'll take the Chilton Auto body collision Cam back to Livermore. This update brought to you by Lucky and Lucky, California By the way, we had a bad crash. He's found 5 80 after North Livermore and that the reason we also saw smoke is one of the cars caught fire. So there's a big backup. They're approaching North Livermore. Once you get through the usual slowing up and over the ultimate passed but no new problems on the ultimate pass itself. Lucky and Lucky. California put the world's greatest food within your budget for Taco Tuesdays, Fridays and every day this week Beef Tri Tip roasts are buy one. Get one free untrimmed in the max pack Lucky and Lucky. California the Golden State of eating next update 5 28 on the traffic leader, KCBS. It's a weekend warming ahead of us. Here is the six day Bay Area weather forecast from K P x five's Poul Hagen. The Fog backed up pretty quickly today.

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