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Everyone sitting outside your enthusiasm is palpable. Let me tell you. Ladies and gentlemen there's been an awful lot of lobster ours out there today. Sons out outguns out. We're right next to silverstein cuddling. I'm standing in for ariana bravo who's a regular host. She's in the f. M. broadcast bubble this weekend therefore unable to join us on site and now obviously the big story of the day here at silverstone was debuted the new sprint qualifying format. Seventeen lap thrash as marcus pie would call it. And there were some clear. Winners and losers lewis. Hamilton may have established himself as the pirelli speed king yesterday. Probably enjoying some sort of rubber is trophy for that and he went fastest in the pre sprint qualifying qualifying as we recalled as we refer to that session but max verstappen nail star sprint and that was that elsewhere. It's easy to take a broad view of who the main winners and losers today. Were fernando alonso. Sebastian veteran kimmy reichman were winners. Losers sergio perez and carlos sites other drivers shuffled around mclaren's gained one place each other the people outside loving mclaren. I can see now for mayo. Teasha that's unusual. Esteban akan three places. Which is pretty good. And kimmy reichen and fans can't breathe a sigh of relief. Because today's result means their hero has not been out qualified by antonio jovi not say joining me to digest this historic event. Our director of digital strategy jess mcfadden. Hi jesse looking. I understand that you've been on a hot lap. Today i did. I was treated very clearly by torelli to a mercedes. Am gt lap around silverstone which was new for me very enjoyable. Who was driving them. Christodoulou ooh yeah. Who was he did exactly as he promised me before. I go on the call and sent it sideways a lot. In order to try and terrify may. But i think it was just so much fun that i kind of forgot to do too much screaming so i feel like. He was a bit disappointed when we jumped out but it was thoroughly enjoyable. How great time. How old is he. Now no clap on him since he was in karting as He's taller than me. So that's a win. I guess him yes. I'd say reasonably size. Probably about foot age. Maybe gonna kill me wrong ricky. It's all gone. He's short easy. Spotting a look sean. Say yeah yeah. Speaking of joining us aside from behind plastic box cashier number three plays eight. it's also sports grand prix edits. Alex tanaka's his wizardry and hello listeners. To the sport podcast yes politics for the sound of my voice. First of all i was this is my voice is not going to do about why. I'm quite muffled because the condition of mike pasta going into to cover the british grand prix. Em things different. I am technically in the bubble so having to maintain that bubble for the recording which means blast explains the bubble is maintained. How successful do we think sprint. qualifying was obviously verstappen versus hamilton. We now see. We watched a little bit. Ted's ted kravitz his post not qualifying notebook earlier and he attempted to put rossborough in a bit of a headlock and say well. He should've would've could've sort of thing and ross as usual. You're going to see is. He basically didn't really answer. The question did he. He he in effect said well if today had been a rice than lewis would have lost it. which missing in and apathetic was kind of a race. Wasn't so yeah. obviously louis. We'll spend the star and that was it. I mean just what what. What did you make of and terms of the spectacle and where it where it leaves the actual feat of achieving pole position which seems to be that the massive hot topic this weekend absolutely and also how he referred to it. They're very much obsessed with how a referring to it i. I don't know if people are making it over complicated or wanna making cases but anyway. I had a ton of typical f. one on approach to sprint racing which meant i was nervously excited completely and utterly hyped to see something new but then in equal measure cynically Prepare to be disappointed and to be honest with you i. The jury is still out in my opinion. I am very much one of those people that i don't want to judge this format based on one outing. Especially around track like silverstone. I think is quite tricky track to really judge a sprint race because as we saw in terms of it being the battle for pole position for the race as soon as for stopping dropped hamilton of d. r. s. It was game over. And there's just no way that hamilton reading could find the answer to that in seventeen laps so in that in that way i think is very much Is it fat. I don't know because the side of me were saying actually what this does allow for lot of the other drivers if they are potentially not so hot so the team is not so hot on a saturday in a usual stage. normal qualifying. They get the second chance to show. Actually maybe where they deserve to be in a more racier position which ultimately personally for me as an fan as i will keep referring to myself. I watch one predominantly four racing and seeing the best races up where they should be performing and going to wheel and providing us with a ton of entertainment so in that respect for the for the front of the field for me maybe it was a bit of a flop but we have a different posta from the qualifying. We saw today which gives us a bit more of a narrative for the rest of the weekend and what we also saw was as we keep seeing in races. This amazing midfield battle that completely changes the order from what we might see over a single lap shootout so i think what we saw today. I'm sure we're going to go into more detail. The micon of top line overview of it. But we did see kind of all or at least most of the areas that we may be concerned about it. Crashes incidents drives maybe not finishing where they ought to But we also saw amazing feats like fernando. Alonso's jump at the beginning which again maybe phenomenal alonso. Could qualify up there on on a normal qualifying setup but it was very exciting to watch. And i think if the weekend has more action in it then fans should be suitably impressed but i will not cold weather. That was a success or not success until we see around a different track. Like a monza where you know the the kind of the the layout and the length of a lap might actually give us more racing. Alex what do you make if sprint qualifying in isolation the race. Because it was a race. We're not gonna going gonna call a sprint. I think. I think i i can see. It's a spring qualifying rakes in introduction of motorsport dot com.

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