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Say the fire started a three story building spread to other buildings one firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion the other suffered an eye injury three residents of the building have been displaced and are looking for places to live saturday is national gun violence awareness day in a gathering in chicago's brownsville neighborhood honor the victim of a twenty thirteen shooting heidi pendleton she would've turned twenty one on saturday that's when the community plans to come together to raise awareness and honor victims of gun violence and the annual and cleopatra pendleton cells cbs news that all they want from the trial of the men charged in the shooting death of their daughter is just trial scheduled to start august fourteenth right in there we'll be to repeated gang members are charged with pendleton murder police in oak park or on the lookout for the grinch who stole a santa statue karen richards the economic plastic four foot center atop their family business has been there pretty much your whole life all these years he's been up on the hopper and so it's up setting that they stoled it father henry but more put it up there back in nineteen fifty seven and never took it down a few santa's had to be replaced because of wear and tear but for the most part it's become a fixture of their business h j warren sons concrete all the people you know like this you know it's been written up in the newspaper many a time air people see it from the eisenhower richard says the santa was likely stolen the first couple of weeks of may anyone with information about the missing santa is urged to call oak park police lisa fielding newsradio on one point nine fm man is accused of crashing his car into a mailbox speed limit sign and a utility pole police say the sixty four year old later tested positive for drunk driving they say daniel nordell is no stranger to police they say it's his fourteenth arrest for drunk driving since nineteen ninety four the wb anytime anywhere download the radio dot com and favorite us today news radio seven hundred eighty and one zero five point nine fm wbz news time eight fourteen here's the accu weather five day forecast with our meteorologist steve trashy clouds around.

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