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The american dream really is what it is. That's what it's all about. And i love the fact that you have this family unit. Although you had your issues family guys are strong. He said unit. You all work together. And that's where. I think we need to see more of that. Would strengthen our entire you our entire country we strengthen our family units may bring some god back into the flow. I think most of the problems. We see an answer really quickly well. Our family has problems with everybody. Who a lot of dark dirty laundry. They're out on our show and we have our ups and bound our challenges. You know we bumped in our relationships and things and you know i feel very fortunate as as the father of my forecast now four grandkids. You know my parents. And i worked really hard to kind of try to keep you know. It's not always easy. Gets kind of thin. The more things multiplying have extended family but I worked really hard to try to spread myself out and keep my relationship. I or my forget the phone talking. You know anytime over here. Babysit their kids. I've seen that just being here and being here and so You know the cross relationship bumping and in and you know you you feel bad. Sometimes you can seven to do something about it all the time. You can't have to let little time. He'll be hurt some feeling and But it some doing shows like yours is super important because it really. I do hope inspired me. I hope it inspires others That being you know parenting is a is a big responsibility like you say. We're not big sittard. Where parents. I take my sons zachary says that to me all the time He's been torian. And jeremy audrey and That that that's taken the responsibility of fatherhood seriously and realizing that You could always do better and being a father is on his first class job. Well said and i used to be able to say. I'm at the one and only roloff farm. But i just learned today that this isn't the one dot com so on that now i want to turn it over to your legacy here. What what do you want. What would you say you want a legacy of the role or farm to be perkins on now. I you know it's funny. I think about legacy and you know i think that The you know the show. Obviously there's a lot of with alexei. We've got the best home videos in the world. You know. I always used to be a fanatic video with the family and growing before the show. Dark tacoma video cameras capture home videos and stuff. They're gonna be legacy of great home videos. And one day. When i get my rocky german sit there and head in all credit you know but then also the show came in and took over. So i put my video camera way and it's collected dust ever since you now and But i i you know the whole having obviously the kit you kids and our grandkids. That's my legs on those kids. Look back on long after. I'm gone if they were grandpa. You know look at the school cabin. Look at the score castle. Look at the school farm in a look at businesses that he that we could take advantage of. You want them to build on the success that they have you want them to be interested in in the farm and the land and and and fact that we carved out a really nice little here in this area and this is a great little location. Don't wanna see apartments built on on our land. We wanted to be something that the kids can enjoy In generations kind of joy. And so that. That's the challenge how to put that in place And make sure that the website you can be footprint the roloff this roll off from this raw farm has here You know in history. And what would you say. That would be obviously running on. I think it seventeen seasons. We're about the driveway. The eighteenth season able to see them the done forty years. You know. we've been doing this for the first time. I looked up an old contract. I think we. I went under contract seventeen years ago. Numbers like the when we first started about how to do this. And we did a couple of pilots before the actual real pilot came on is alliance. But i think we're in fifteen years of being on air two thousand six if i'm not mistaken march two that sick Joe how many that our show went for two degree light originally. What would you say that you hope to be the legacy of the show here when it does eventually run its course what do you hope the legacy of little people big world. Why you know. I love reality. Television has always been our docu-dramas is a more accurate reality television. That a game show you know or a you know is that or is that the docudrama where they roughly all the family story lines The terminology but you know we've never won any awards in hollywood for even we've been we've have gotten against book of world records for the longest running reality television family show a look at the title in history so we you know more than the car catching them more than the dodgers you know. Got a lot of episode so we can run every single year since two thousand and six of you know and but hollywood reality television kind of the the bad step travel you know of of of tv and for whatever reason and But we think we've changed the world with little people big world. You know little bit. Well we think had made people say about little people a little different and it certainly has spawned off. Sister shows a kind of a whole genre. There's a whole array of great little people shows out there now both on tlc and other channels that show the everyday life of little doctor's bill and jen klein the little couple on there's On the show right. And they're gonna print now..

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