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About EUCHRE. I think I. I think a last one I've had we used to live above for ten years I live directly above in Brooklyn live directly above my landlord. Home it was like you know a Brownstone and we just had like the top apartment and that was a little tough because it's like they're just always there and you kind of have to like and they were so nice. The nicest people in the entire world. But it was like you know they're just always kind of like aware of what the fuck you're doing and kind of communicating to you about it, and so it was always just like I never I I don't like it. Then like like neighbors I WANNA keep neighbors. This is what a neighbor interaction is like hey, doing. All right. Anything. Is. This like let's go. Let's have some boundaries. Let's have some boundaries. I'm beginning to suspect that our neighbors don't like us and. Also I was informed that my husband told the neighbors, the name of my shadow. Action that makes me wonder could that have been like did I say something is that why they don't like us And there's just a few data points that make me wonder about this. So our neighbors over there and no one knows where I'm pointing to and I don't know if that's north South East or west and it really doesn't matter. But our neighbors in one direction however, this video is up on Patriot dot com slash house when Rosen so you can see me point. They have having small parties A. Quotes in there back in their front yard. Like parties get Gimme how many people talking? I've never really seen. I've heard I've seen pop a little tent up out there I. Don't know maybe like ten ten. It seems really bulls people stop by maybe like between six and ten like. Go out there be out there all day people seem to stop by on and off they're wearing masks and stuff. But I am I simultaneously have two thoughts one what are you doing having a party to why didn't you invite us so the? Feeling. So, this has happened and then I saw the neighbors across the way come to one of the parties and really. then. I was like, Oh, my God did they just see that they were having a party and decide to stop by or were they actually invited that really made me feel left out of the party that I don't think should be happening. And then our other neighbors across the way who like when we were moving we closed on the house and then we're doing some work on it before moved in and it took forever but they were like.

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