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A really good professional he was as good at that yeah and a really good guy and although you know people's impressions of any public figure are based on a few things so people associate me with the olympics or with baseball or with whatever but actually once once i got in the groove those two or three years before mar of came back and i wanted more to come back i told dick ebersol one when he asked me if i would move from the studio to play by play i said you know marvis kind of in a bad spot right now but you can't say for sure that he won't be able to come back and if and when he comes back this job belongs to him he does a lot of things but his defining things basketball saw all fillon as long as you need me but if he's able to come back all happily step aside so that's what happened but in the last two and a half years are doing the nba i stand by that i was i i look at those games when when i come across on hand classics and i say damn the those who damn good what about what's best baseball game ever nuts um maybe the most dramatic one was game 7 of the 1997 world series which went extra innings in idaho run his i wanted with the other of mesa blew the lead in then in the ninth tony fernandez sony tony fernandez which cinch thing like tony fernandez is not an bill buckner territory now you know there was a weird time for baseball because people are so frequent mad about those strike right and then rybkin came back in it but it was the year before maguire and sosa right and they those three years other than the yankee fans to look back at ninety six finally men there are no marlins fence but noisy for years are just they that was one of the great baseball games ever never gets thrown into it it was a great game fact jim leyland remember on the baseball network tom verduci and i did the twenty greatest games of the last fifty years yeah because we couldn't go back further than that 'cause rather make sure there was tv and good footed with its so uh i think that game came in at number thirteen and jim leyland said to me you know what.

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