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In New York City Police continue to investigate an incident involving an out of control car that ran down dozens of protesters this afternoon in midtown Manhattan. They were protesting and support of ice detainees in New Jersey, who are staging a hunger strike. This witness says what he saw a car drove through our bike line and hit five Sadly, I'm of lost count. I think six protesters injuring them severely. I jumped out of the way nearly ran me over. Those injured were taken to the hospital. The extent of their injuries is not clear. At this time. The driver has been taken into custody, and so far no charges have been filed. KBC News is sponsored by super Woman super lawyer dot com. Hearing that a loved one has been injured and an accident could be overwhelming. Helping families as marrying problems. Passion helping your family is one call away Call 808 169 16 or visit superwoman super Lawyer. Com KTBC Weather Tonight partly cloudy lows in the mid forties to around 50. Tomorrow. Mostly cloudy in the morning then partly cloudy highs in the mid to upper sixties. The new KBC calm has stories you want to share curated for you, Baron. Honest. Check it out. Okay, ABC. Com traffic Next from Dana Point to Point, Magoo. Get it, right. Hey, seven Monday. Okay, we see. Ktbc dependable traffic. Colton to 15 South bound before La Cadena crashed, blocking the two left lanes. Traffic stop and go from Mount Burn in Hollywood to stop and go on the 11 south boundary between Sunset and Glendale Boulevard, Santa Monica More stop and go traffic this time on the 10. He's.

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