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Mike pal you don't talk with your mouth full well the plug on Mike Appel goes phone line not that I know of what about Dave know Dave says it involve luck or eating and there by the way did you bring in while the bigger question would be did you bring enough for everybody I haven't eaten all of my Atkins chocolate chip granola bars so there's plenty to set you know share if you hear the rapper right here sorry it's the only time I can get Ahold because when you're done you have to do whatever you have to do but you lost me at Atkins and granola bar it's delicious actually meant well yeah if you say so today's the day in nineteen ninety five Alan Hale and Thomas Bopp discovered a new comic they named it Hale Bopp you're hosting who's hosting the viewing party in the year forty three eighty I'm I'm thinking my great great great great out of the match Massey who however distracted out this full not anymore I don't know what happened my compel good this morning we were going to talk about the budget deal that the president reach yesterday with Congress it's a two year deal the big question is it is a good deal for America we'll talk more about that coming up with or without Michael Balcon motors tomorrow isn't or scheduled for tomorrow he doesn't have to abide by that letter he doesn't have to show up I think he said he will show up said he may watch a little bit which will be a whole lot more than I plan to watch what could possibly what could possibly come of this that we do not all ready know the answer to that is nothing I think it's just gonna be more entertaining to see I don't think aiming at all I never for when when you have no objective other than to make yourself look good it's boring it's not entertaining we could make a list of the three of us you Megan and I could sit down right now and make a list of ten questions guaranteed well five questions guaranteed to be asked tomorrow and we'd be completely accurate in the five questions and they'll be ask fifteen times each nobody lives every forty five why skins and it'll be the same five yeah over and over and over again just worded differently they wanna be worded differently me ask you about is the sky blue five minutes later Hey let me ask you about the sky blue Hey is this guy come on well it is what it is that's the that's the world we're living in these days as you remember it was June eleventh president stood on the south lawn of the White House wave that piece of paper in front of the cameras that he said was an agreement in Mexico too aggressive might door to address the migrant crisis at the border then went on to say they had until yesterday to get things together well yesterday is no longer here it's now today we'll talk about that with medical with national course what bills and for coming up in fifteen minutes this is your money with kitchen designs budget money to your home with a dream kitchen from kitchen designs budget money everything from design materials craftsmanship all done.

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Mike Appel, Dave, Fifteen Minutes discussed on Charlie Parker

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