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And directed by Aaron Sorkin, Starring Sasha Baron Cohen, Eddie Redmayne, Yaya Abdul Mateen, the second and Mark Rylance, now playing on Netflix awards eligible USDA says as much as 40% of American food ends up in landfills where it adds to greenhouse gasses. So what can you do to help planning what you're going to eat? Before you go to the store and checking what you have in your pantry? To make sure that you're purchasing things that you're going to need? So that when you brought the food into your home? You're actually using all of it. Welcome to greater L A on KCRW. I'm Steve. Do you take us are serious on waste continues in a moment. Also hear from a teacher at what's called an environmental school whose let's just say, quite demanding on her kids. I make my students touch worms with no gloves, and by the way, there's some other digging in the dirt soon about to happen on Mars. We don't think there are worms there. New Rover is about to touch down. Once we're on the ground. We use the 32 cameras that we have to survey the landscape and choose a safe route to navigate that landscape We'll get to exploring after the news. And Larry Parole. Here's what's happening at 6 30 Health insurance giant Blue Shield of California has been tapped to run the state's vaccine system, Officials say they're hoping that the outside administrator will help ramp up what's been a slow and confusing system of vaccine distribution. Yesterday, New State government Operations Secretary Alondra Richardson said this third party will be responsible for allocating doses directly to providers. That network is going to include Public health systems, pharmacies, public hospitals, community clinics, pop ups and mobile sites, and we'll include partnerships like with our labor partners. The contract with Blue Shield is still being finalized. Kaiser Permanente also going to help in the effort to pick up the pace. Both companies based in Oakland, State officials said they expect the transition to the new system to happen sometime in mid February. Filming production in L. A has been battered by the covert 19 pandemic, but it may be showing some signs of life. Salmela coordinates film permits in L. A county and found that towards the end of the year, television saw a rise in production and the number of streaming project scheduled in 2020 increased by over 25%. Overall filming was down by about half last year compared to 2019 and the number of total on location shoot days was the lowest in film Ella's 25 years of service to the region. New Mountain line was just discovered in the Santa Monica Mountains. Biologists are calling him Pete 95. He's a welcome addition to a dwindling Southland population, and there's some more good news that could help the near extinction species. This year will be a Torah. Austrian reports of fundraising campaign for a Wildlife crossing has reached its goal. The Save Ella Cougars campaign from the National Wildlife Federation raised a whopping $18 million That money will go towards building an animal crossing over the 101 Freeway in Agoura Hills. The hope is that by giving wildlife a safe way to cross the freeway cutting through their habitat, fewer animals will be hit. Over the years, several mountain lines have died while trying to cross the region's multi lane freeways. Shrinking habitat has also contributed to our area's declining big cat population. Biodiversity should get a boost with the wildlife crossing, too. It'll reconnect a long, fragmented ecosystem in an area globally recognized for its range of flora and fauna. And no word yet on when construction will begin. L A county supervisors have heard options for removing Sheriff Alex being a waiver from his elected post. Relationship between the board in the sheriff anything but friendly. The board voted to look at ways to remove the sheriff. They say he has not been transparent and has consistently pushed back on accountability and efforts to roll back critical reforms. Being a wave of said today that the board is wasting their quote political capital. Every single thing I'm doing in office is exactly what I can paint on to do. And they're moving the gold posts on me. Supervisors were presented with four legal options for removing the sheriff, but it seems like they're willing to wait to see how California Attorney General Javier are. Bashir's investigation into the department will pan out. Last week, he launched a probe to see if there is a pattern or practice of unconstitutional policing. The L. A Sheriff's Department. It's 6 33. You're listening to greater l A on kcrw. The show that connects you to the people and the places of Southern California. Hey there. I'm Steve Here, take us in today's journey. Begins under these giant sprinklers. The farm on the northern border of San Diego County. It is a small, quiet patch.

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